Roll20/Play online

Do anyone w´know how to play online via Roll 20 with character sheets and stuff? We are just starting and due to Coronona we do not want to play in RL:

Anyone now how to use roll 20 to play with online sheets

We have played in Roll20 for two years, but I am not convinced I know how ...
We have managed to get the character sheets and die rolls going though.
If you try and get stuck, I might be able to help you around some of the quirks. Please be specific about the hurdles you encounter :slight_smile:

TBH. I find Roll20 to be a pain in the neck, so in the second saga I play, we have opted to use just discord, with a dicebot therein, and character sheets posted on a wiki. Roll20 character sheets are cumbersome to complete, the drawing tool is unreliable and painful, for tactical maps, and since the players rarely follow my script, I never can make the right maps up front. Discord screen share causes me less grief for tactical maps.

I have some experience with Roll20 from gamemastering d&d5e and to be frank. roll20 is a pain in the rear.

I regularly found myself spending more time putting numbers and charts into roll20 than I did coming up with plots. D&D5e even has a free to use package with almost all of the rules you will ever need added by someone else. I would not recommend using roll20. But neither would I recommend playing over the internet at all (and that is kind of a huge but). Roll20 is okay and I imagine it would be better if you dont include tactical combat and keep your sheets in a separate system (e.g. some spreadsheet program or on paper next to your computer) but at this point all that is left is basically the built-in video-conference call function which you can get better elsewhere.

I've looked at the Roll20 character sheet for Ars 5E, and I think it just about works for Hermetic mage characters. I use it for D&D fine, and the different Warhammer 40k games have decent character sheets that work well. Ars Magica has the bare minimum of stuff for it, and I've played in games using Fantasy Grounds Unity that work much better so I've never felt the need to try and develop anything myself.