Roman Marriage

I used to have a copy of Sanctuary of Ice, but I no longer do. However, I do recall a section therin that discussed three different kinds of Roman marriage. One was where husband and wife become each other's slave, and I forget the other two. Anyone recall that which I speak of?

Yep. SoI, page 26.

  • custom - if a woman lives in a man's home for a year, never being away for three or more consecutive nights, then the two are married
  • coemption - "a form of mutual slavery where each spouse buys the body of the other, then emancipates the other"
  • confarreation - marriage by contract, signed in the presence of ten witnesses, and ceremonial eating of sacred cake under the supervision of a priest

... it also says that "Hermetic marriages usually take place soon after the fifth day of September. The fifth day of autumn was Jerbiton's wedding anniversary."

comment withdrawn

Co-emption is flagged as being non-Hermetic. I'd agreed with BoXer's comment that its conceptually problematic. I wrote SoI when research was much more difficult and I lacked electronic sources on Roman law.

Well to be fair I should then say that I withdrew my hastily posted comments after I read the section on coemption a bit further. I was basing my criticism of SoI's accuracy on the first couple subsections of the linked (below) reference document and a bit of my own understanding of the overtly patriarchal nature of Roman society.

However, upon further reading, this elaboration presented itself and vindicated the SoI interpretation of mutual figurative purchase and emancipation.... ... #a_2006121