Roman tribunal

for those interested in playing in the Roman tribunal (adventure starts in 1194) magi should be less than 7 years past gauntlet, with the standard 30xp/yr advancement from the main book. they will be mage-errants: magus who do not belong to a recognized covenant. New players and established players are both welcome to begin this process.

Would you be cool with a Bjornaer with a giant spider heartbeast? And by "giant" I mean whatever the minimum size a heartbeasts can be.

I still have to read the whole thing in the wiki before I jump in, but this MASSIVE saga looks very good (been lurking around your IC threads). Kudos to you all.

Xavi, you should totally jump in with an apprentice in Thebes to be chosen at the 1193 Tribunal.

I hope Iā€™m not the only one.

I have a (failed) Herbam magus character from a saga that Arthur ran a few years ago that I still want to explore, and an Entrancement companion on the same league, so I will try to asap, but right now I am launching 2 games, playing in a D&D Game and as a HP ravenclaw student, so I might be biting a little bit too much to join just now. I still have to check the discord thing.

I have a Verditius concept I think I will work up for this.

add links and build the characters under the mage errant title in the Roman Tribunal on the wiki. Oh, and if you don't have it, request access to the wiki.

Not sure if I have anything for the Roman Tribunal magi-wise.

re: spider heartbeast- no.
as per HOH:mystery cults, "vermin" (including al insects and spiders) are not noble animals, and thus cannot be heartbeasts.

That's a bummer.

What about a bee, they're noble.

while I think you have an arguable point, the are definitely under size -7.

Yeah, totally joking about the bees... need to think of another creature that's "shifty" though.


Gonna be from N. Africa and go with a Desert Fox Heartbeast, if that's cool.

From North Africa, a Jerboa can also be cool

while you can have a heartbeast from North Africa, it is not recommended since the animal will really stand out away from its natural environment. characters from Africa are not allowed at this time, they would have been trained as sahirs, not magi of the the order of Hermes.

So a Bjornaer who wandered a lot wouldn't possibly go to Tunis or something, find a gifted kid and steal them?

There's an example magus in Magi of Hermes who spends his time in North Africa exploring.

I don't want to be in Africa in 1194, I'm fine with having made a life North of the Mediterranean but part of the reason I would like to do this is exactly the opposite of the "why an African animal isn't recommended" that once the Roman Tribunal opens to Africa and starts having covenants there there are multiple reasons to go and she won't stand out like a sore thumb in either form.

I am thinking of playing a Criamon Holy Magus