Roman Virtues

The Roman Virtues in antiquity were qualities that were used as a model for attainment of excellence in character and outlook in both private and public life.
Many Virtues were represented as deities and had their own cults and even Temples.
Cicero says of these

These Virtues reflect an equally significant meaning in the Temple of Religio Romana as they are worshipped as part of the Roman Pantheon.
Although no one is expected to assume all aspects of these Virtues they are used as a source of inspiration and ultimate achievement toward self-fulfillment, harmony and happiness.
It is the combined practice and worship of these qualities that are emphasized as being conducive toward an individual’s personal growth and in achieving pax Deorum (peace with the Gods).

*Abundantia: Abundance; Prosperity, affluence in all segments of society

*Aequitas: Equity; Fairness and justice within society and government

*Aeternitas: Eternity; Infinity, immortality, timelessness of ideals, truths and realities

*Beatitudo: Beatitude; Supreme blessedness, perfect happiness that accompanies thankfulness of good fortune

*Bonus Eventus: Successful outcome; favorable conclusion, optimism

*Caritas: Affection; To love, cherish and hold dear, especially within family

*Claritas: Clarity; Brightness, luminosity, outstanding public presence

*Clementia: Clemency; Mildness, gentleness, mercy, compassion in private and public matters

*Concordia: Concord; Harmony, agreement between peoples and nations

*Constantia: Constance; Firmness, steadiness, to remain faithful in mind or purpose

*Disciplina: Discipline; Instruction, methodical conduct, to bring in order

*Fecunditas: Fecundity; Fruitfulness, productivity

*Felicitas: Felicity; Good fortune, natural happiness and good spirits

*Fides: Good Faith; Trust, fidelity, fulfillment of promises made

*Fortuna: Fortune; Fate, chance, luck, accepting good from unexpected or uncertain sources

*Genius: Guardian Spirit; Acknowledgment of a power within extending to powers of peoples and nations

*Hilaritas: Hilarity; Gaiety, merriment, cheerfulness

*Honos: Honor; Public esteem, to be held in utmost respect

*Humanitas: Humanity; Kindness, being refined, cultured and educated, embracing the best aspects of civilization

*Indulgentia: Indulgence; Permissiveness, leniency, tolerance

*Justitia: Justice; Equitable, fair treatment, guided by principles, also defined by implementation and enforcement of reasonable laws within a sound government

*Laetitia: Joy; Gladness, ability to appreciate and take delight in life

*Liberalitas: Liberality; Generosity; to give abundantly

*Libertas: Liberty; Pursuit and preservation of freedom from tyranny

*Mens: Mind: Right thinking; understanding, intellect, use of mental capabilities

*Munificentia: Munificence; Benevolent, bountiful service, charitable

*Nobilitas: Nobility; Excellence of character and actions accompanied by high ideals.

*Ops: Wealth; Abundance, power, possessing resources to bring aid

*Patientia: Patience; Endurance, forbearance, quiet steady perseverance

*Pax: Peace; Truce, freedom from dissention, celebration of world peace

*Perpetuitas: Perpetuity; Continuance, uninterrupted and enduring existence

*Pietas: Piety; Respect, duty and devotion toward religious, social and political observances, involves working toward a universal order

*Providentia: Providence; Foresight, forethought accompanied by preparation

*Pudicitia: Chastity; Modesty, decent and moral behavior

*Quies-Requies: Peace; Quiet; restful state of mind and body

*Religio: Reverence; Devoutness, public veneration of the gods

*Salus: Safety; Preservation of health and well-being

*Securitas: Security; freedom from danger attributed to a competent government

*Spes: Hope; A belief in favorable outcome particularly in times of struggle

*Strenia: Strenuous; Vigor, health, vitality

*Tranquillitas: Tranquility; Stillness, serenity, calmness in thought and manner

*Tutela: Tutelage; Protective care and guidance in guardianship

*Ubertas: Abundance; Bounty, fertility and plentitude especially pertaining to agriculture

*Utilitas: Utility; Usefullness, advantageous, to be of service

*Virtus: Virtue; Physical courage and mental strength, especially within social and political leadership

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