RoP and Societates for Metacreator ??

Would anyone besides me be willing to subscribe for an expansion of Metacreator for Realms of Power: Divine and Realms of Power: Infernal ??

EDIT: Of course, I'd also be willing to buy a supplement for HoH: SOcietates, and people are welcome to show their willingness to buy it, too.

Yup. With societates, too.

I'd willingly purchase an exapansion for any book that they want to do.

I've allready started adding the stuff from those books into datasheets of my own, but any official versjons will be purchased with glee:)

Of course I'm willing to buy the expansion for HoH:S, too. I just singled out the two RoP books since I've noticed they generally prefer to tackle two supplements at a time, RoP:D and RoP:I naturally complement each other (like HoH:MC and TMRE), and IIRC the two RoP books hold rather more crunchy stuff than HoH:S (even if the latter has several new nifty Vritues and Flaws).

Oh yes. I'm a big fan of the software and the guys behind it (tireless dedication to the cause...).

But they have more than just the Ars world to support and only so many hours in the working week. I think they'll get around to it but it may take a little time.

I too would buy this!

Yes, me too.

According to a precedent post, I would like to revitalize this because I will willingly purchase an electronic exapansion for any book published!

double post


I would certainly purchase.

You should consider raising the issue on the Alter Ego Software Yahoo! group.