RoP: Divine - Question about Kabbalah and Astrological Magic

In RoP: Divine, Revised edition the Astrological Magic and Philosophic Magic virtues allow you to add, respectively, your Artes Liberales or Philosophiae score to your Kabbalah totals. My question is, can you take both virtues and add both Artes Lib and Philosophiae to your Kabbalah totals? I don't see anything in the rules forbidding it, but it seems like quite the potential boost.

Honestly, I can't remember whether I considered it. However, my principle is to always err on the side of the player so I would allow both Virtues to have their full effect.

A virtue is a virtue. Hence I would add it. No biggie. It is not like this is going to break the system anyway if you want to powerplay :slight_smile:


We allow both, even though we were a bit perplexed by Astrological Magic, given the mitzvah against Astrology (that's even listed in RoP:D, p.128 under "jewish magi" and in RoP:D-revised, on p.131 under "proscriptions against magic").

Ah, forbidden knowledge. Surely the best kind.

This isn't too far from Ceremonial Casting, which Magi can do anyway. So Two the virtues can both add their bit for the cost of a virtue.


That answers that question. Cool. Thanks, guys.