[RoP:F] Wound Penalties for Faeries

The Minor Supernatural Flaw "Role Requires Suffering" inflicts "the negative modifiers that a human would [suffer] for the equivalent level of injury or exhaustion" on a faerie if it "attempts to use its Pretenses". So this Flaw, as I'm reading it at the moment, is basically saying that faeries without this Flaw don't suffer Wound Penalties (since their wounds aren't "real"). Yet all the faeries in the back have the regular wound penalty listings. Now I'm wondering: Is this a slight oversight in the stat block (since it's the way Light Wounds etc. are usually presented)? If not, what does "Role Requires Suffering" actually do?

A faerie with the Flaw incurs both fatigue and wound penalties.
A faerie without the Flaw certainly incurs no fatigue penalties.
Does a faerie without the Flaw incur wound penalties?

This is indeed a question I'd like an answer to. On the one hand, we know that a normal faerie incurs no pain from its wounds. However, we do not know how much of the wound penalty derives from pain and how much from actual physical damage. If it's pain, then faeries without the Flaw do not incur wound penalties. If it's damage, they do incur the penalty, since faeries do not regenerate instantly. I'd be tempted to say that a faerie without the Flaw does incur wound penalties, but does not incur penalties from "pure" pain (e.g. the spell Agony of the Beast).

Even if a faerie incurs no wound penalty, however, the wound stats in the stat block are still useful to determine the apparent severity of its wounds ... and we know that for faeries appearance is everything :slight_smile: Besides, it's useful to know when the faerie's body actually gets killed.

The faeries have wound blocks because you never know when the PCs are going to pull out a Sovereign Ward or a relic, and these force the faerie to act as if its wounds were real. Any other time, if the faerie can fit it in its role, it can just doi whatever it likes, withouth any penalty whatsoever.

Wow. So a faerie (barring role issues, Sovereign Wards and such) can simply shrug off all wounds instantly, including Incapacitated and Dead results?

If it suits its story role, sure. It's body is just a tool to tell stories with. It's not important to the faerie's existence.