RoP: Faerie and Becoming


I'm preparing an NPC for our campaign, who is a bit inspired by The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I thought that this character should be a former Merinita Magus, who became a Faerie through the Inner Mystery Becoming, and went a bit mad in the process. His name is Mad Mirromirtus.. :mrgreen:

Anyway, with the release of RoP: Faerie, I was wondering how I should handle Cognizance when it comes to characters who were humans at some point. I seem to remember reading about this somewhere, might have been a sidebar in RoP: Faerie or on this forum, but I can't find it. So, will Mad Mirromirtur, formerly ex Merinita, be Cognizant? He is quite mad, always "reflecting" on everything he sees.. quite literally. But is he Cognizant? :slight_smile:



Do you -want- him to be cognisant? What's more interesting for you? Why?

I doubt he is, because you seem to really like your character designh, and so that idea that his personality and physical form are fluid, and mutable, which is an obvious effect of High Cognizance, don't suit you, but if you feel it doesm then just do it.

There's no right answer because Cognizance is not linked to powerfulness, or even his "personality", if you accept faeries are capable of personality.

Ok, thanks. So there are no hard rules on this? Then he's not cognizant. :slight_smile:



Though it's not official, I feel like swapping out the Gift for Faerie Trainer seems to make a lot of sense. Faerie Trainer fits what is described for the change from Becoming. Do note, there is an error in Becoming: you cannot get Spell Masteries without doing rituals to get them. The book contradicts itself a little on this point.