RoP:Faerie Kinds of Traditional wards

Ave Sodales,

In the RoP:F a character may have one or a few taboos in the form of traditional (or sovereign) wards. There are many kinds of wards but I'm not sure how to pick them during character creation :

-If a character has two (or more) traditional ward Flaws, may she have the right to pick both of them in the same ward type ? For example "churches" and "inns" (places wards) ? Or must she pick wards from different types ? ("churches (places)" and "alcohol (folk charm)")

-If a character has traditional ward Flaw and sovereign ward Flaw, could they be partly mixed ? Like "women (traditional ward)" and "kiss of a virgin woman (sovereign ward)" ?

-If a character has the traditional ward "should not pass a bridge", and she mounts a horse, will she be harmed if the horse rides across a river by a bridge ? I would say it depends if the horse is a part of her glamour or not, am I right ? But it seems a little too easy.

-In the RoP:F manual many wards are more strict than others ("blood of a noblewoman" is way easier to flee than "Dominion"), is it a matter of troupe bargain for playable character ? Or would you say there is an informal rule stating traditional wards must be broader/more precise than sovereign wards ?

I'd say you could choose any ones you want, as long as they fit the character concept.

I'd say sure, assuming the GM approves it - with the caveat of "don't try to cheese it" being applied.

I would say it depends on how your troupe is handling wards in general. This is one of those "as long as the ruling is consistent, then you're fine." However, it's going to have to be the same for normal Hermetic wards as well. So if you want demons to be able to ride through hermetic wards becase they're sitting in a wagon, then yes. If not, then no.

The general rule I use is "the thing warded, or last willful intent" - so an individual cannot physically cross a ward, nor can any action whose last willful intent was by the individual. So a demon can't cross a ward at all (even if they were thrown or carried), and they themselves can't throw things across the ward (even if the ward doesn't specifically ward against that thing, such as a rock or whatever.)

That last one isn't quite RAW - apparently, thrown objects in Aristotelian physics are powered by the wind, rather than kinetic energy of the thing throwing them, but I find it a bit more simple to do it this way.

I would rule that regardless of how unique or strict a ward is, it will show up as often as necessary to be a minor or major flaw. As such, it doesn't really matter - they will affect your character's life equally. If it's common, then the flaw is in the daily hassle that your character has to go through to avoid it. If it's rare, then it will pop up when least expected to throw the character's plans in a tizzy.

A flaw like this is bascally you asking the GM to put it in a story. As such, the GM really SHOULD be challenging your character with it, regardless of how rare is should or shouldn't be.

I think you can choose both from the same type, it's up to your troupe how many wards of one type is too many.

Only a couple of the examples in Realms of Power: Faerie have both a traditional ward and sovereign ward (Glanconer, the privy counsellor, poludnica, kallikantzaro) and their sovereign wards and traditional wards are different. I think they shouldn't overlap, but your troupe may allow it.

If you cross the bridge, you cross it - it doesn't matter whether you are doing the moving or the horse or whether a group of mortals lift you on their shoulders and carry you over the bridge to try and take you to church, the action of you crossing the bridge breaks the terms of the ward.

I think it's a matter of troupe bargain - the sovereign wards "daylight" and "the Dominion" and "running water" and "religion" are all very broad, so the examples in RoP:F don't make one particular type of ward narrower than the other.