RoP: Magic - Question on Crafter of (Form) quality

Reading through the RoP: Magic book I have seen that the Crafter of (Form) power has been designed from the Focus power Quality. This quality says that it is "a magical power with a narrow range of effects". Am I correct if I assume that the "narrow range of effects" is the limit to only Creo and Rego technics?


I'm pretty certain, yes.

There's also Master of (Form), and...
I think, Ruler of (Major Magical Focus); though that one doesn't appear to be statted as such anywhere, it is referred to multiple times.

That is what I thought! Considering that Focus power is considered "like a magical focus" does this mean I can take the Magical Focus virtue with a focus on Creo and Rego? (my storyguide will have a heart attack! :smiley: )

Creo Ignem + Rego Ignem, for instance, is roughly the breadth of a magical focus, but it's pretty flavorless.

It won't break the game to take a focus like that. But it's sort of boring and I'd storyguide-veto it in my sagas.

To be clear, in case you're misunderstanding: while the power is 'Crafter of (Form)', you can't just take 'Crafter of (Form)' and get access to all Creo and Rego spells. You have to specify the form when you take it. So you can take 'Crafter of Terram' to get all Creo Terram and Rego Terram spells, for instance.

Well, the Flambeau template has a major magical focus with "flames" that I think is even worse than that.. In any case Thank you for your answer!

Eh, 'flames' is -- just barely -- within the limits of magical focus, I think.
Because 'Ignem' covers flames, light, heat, darkness, cold, ignem Might, etc.

'Flames' are just the most obvious direct application.
An Aquam focus in 'Water' would be similarly valid, I think, because you lose out on all the cool wine, oil, acid, poison, etc. tricks.
Similarly, Terram 'Stone', Auram 'Wind', etc.

But yeah, it's really close to the limit of what you can do with a Major Magical Focus.

In more depth:

'Flames' covers the following:

  • Creo Ignem to create flames, but not direct creation of light or heat without fire
  • Rego Ignem to control or ward against flames, but not light, heat, darkness, or cold, or to ward against ignem might (except possibly Fire Elementals)
  • Muto Ignem to change flames into things, or to change things into flames
  • Intellego Ignem to detect flames, learn things about flames, etc. but not to detect temperature in general, sense creatures with ignem might, etc.
  • Perdo Ignem to put out fires, but not to create cold or darkness or to slay creatures of ignem Might (except possibly Fire Elementals)

'Crafter of Ignem' covers:

  • Creo Ignem to create flames, light, and heat, and possibly to replenish the might of ignem creatures or heal them outright
  • Rego Ignem to control or ward against flames or heat, possibly to ward against cold, to ward against or command ignem might

Those last two are roughly equal. Again, 'Flames' is slightly broad, but it's still only a third or so of what Ignem can do.

On the other hand, 'Crafter of Form', without limiting it to one form, covers:

  • Creo Aquam
  • Rego Aquam
  • Creo Auram
  • Rego Auram
  • Creo Animal
  • Rego Animal
  • Creo Corpus
  • Rego Corpus
  • Creo Herbam
  • Rego Herbam
  • Creo Imaginem
  • Rego Imaginem
  • Creo Ignem
  • Rego Ignem
  • Creo Mentem
  • Rego Mentem
  • Creo Terram
  • Rego Terram
  • Creo Vim
  • Rego Vim

...So yeah, there's absolutely no way doing it that way would be fair without some other significant limitation.