RoP: Magic

The product page is up, with a May 2008 release date.

sweeeeeet..... :smiling_imp:

Utterly faboulutastic! :smiley:


Ahh, definitely a book I've been waiting for. It sounds sounds very useful, which is great, and I'm very curious on how the line will paint the Magic Realm.

Where's a handy time-machine when you need one? Why, o lord, must you be so cruel as to force us to wait?

OH YES!!!!!


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Great news guys, this seems great, I can't wait to read it :smiley:
Now, I'll need... 3 copies, please! :smiley:

Ah, this is definitely a very good news, it'll shine on my afternoon :smiley:

Well, it is starting to get more and more imperastive to have my (used-to-be) FLGS to MAKE SURE they get the latest ArM books.... :confused: It is a little bit frustrating wanting to support your FLGS when they do not make sure I can get my ArM books :frowning: .... several months later than the official release date.

About the book I can only say: GO ATLAS!!! :smiley:



Any chance of a bigger piccy of the cover or a sneak preview of the intro like you've done with previous books?

Pretty please!


Using my browser I can right click on the picture and choose view image to get a better look.

The Cover: The left hand side is full of trees that have tentacle-like roots;perhaps a reference to the association between magic and the unspoilt wilderness. The center frame is shaped like a stained glass window with bald figure reading a book. The fellow has a white cat sitting on his right shoulder; clearly a reference to humans associated with the magic realm yet the familiar is given prominence stressing magical creatures. The right side looks like a spectral army; ghosts of the magic realm I gather.

My thoughts went to the Pagan three-world view: The human and animal signifies the middle realm, the trees the lush underworld [in Slavic belief, anyways], the army is the army of heaven. But your interpretation sounds more to the point.

About bloody time! ;D
I had actually hoped for Faeries first, but I've been hotly anticipating Magic, far more than I did Divine or Infernal.
Indeed, though, this Completion Fervor for the new edition is quite helpful. Houses of Hermes, Covenants...

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Aha! Many thanks.

It's pretty. :slight_smile:


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Any other detailed info about this product? Table of Contents or similar info...

Pleeease, I need to know more :smiley:

I really hope this book gives more information on regios and stuff like "pocket dimensions" if you will. In other words, I want to take the characters outside Mythic Europe. :slight_smile:
Also, more spirits and daimons.. and dragons. We need more dragons. :smiley:


And elementals!!! And the realm of magic itself!