RoP: Magic


Realms of Power: Magic... Lots of Ars Magica players and storyguides have been waiting a long time for this, and it seems it's nearly there. Just wanted to ask if this book is will be released next month (as it says on the product page) and that the delay we had for Art and Academe hasn't pushed it further down the line. Is anything known about it's progress, or is it too early to say? :slight_smile:

Also, would it be possible to get one of those nice previews of the table of contents when it's ready? That would be great :slight_smile:



Hi there. The cover's done, I've proofread it all and finished the layout up through page 68 (about the half way mark), but the interior art still needs to be assigned. My goal is to have the layout finished before the GAMA Trade Show (April 20), and to have it to press in May. So yes, it's running a little late, but not as badly as it could be. :slight_smile:

If I don't remember to put up the contents, somebody poke me at the end of the month.

Layout's done, art's assigned and due at the beginning of May, and John's busy giving it the final proofread. So it's pretty much on schedule as far as production goes. However, it wasn't officially announced to distributors until today, so it's officially set for July now as that's the earliest their solicitation process will allow. We'll probably actually be shipping at the end of June, though.

I did get the table of contents PDFized, however. Our webmaster will put that up for you as soon as she gets back from her Navy reserves stint in Rio ... the release date will be changed on the website then, too.

Sorry for the delay, everybody.

No worries with the delay. Better to get the books done and in the same great quality than to rush them out. :slight_smile:

But are there any word yet on what the next book after RoP: Magic is? What books are you guys working on now that you can tell about (or at least mention titles?) :slight_smile:



Just looking to find out if said webmaster is back yet. The Table of Contents for RoP:M would be great!

The next one up is Hedge Magic, Revised Edition.

Our webmaster won't be back until week after next, I'm afraid.

Yes!!! :smiley:

sweeeeeeeeeeet :smiling_imp:

Do trollsynir count as hedge magicians? :blush:

Hedge Magic, Revised?
tears of joy :smiley:

This game, especially this edition of it, keeps getting better and better! :slight_smile:


One question about RoP: Magic. In the description of the book here on the web site, it says that it will have rules for creating and playing magical creatures off all kinds. Does this mean that we can actually play dragons as player characters, complete with character development and such? :slight_smile:


YES ...

AND smaller serpents, drakes, and worms can all also be created as grog, companion, and magus-equivalent characters ... or even as another character's Magical Dragon Companion.

You're welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, to prove that I am indeed a kind and benevolent dictator, I decided to take pity on you and went ahead and posted the table of contents for Realms of Power: Magic myself instead of making you wait until Wendy gets back in May. You can find it and the entirety of its Book of Mundane Beasts appendix at

(Yes, this is the same Book of Mundane Beasts that's been available as a PDF for quite a while, but never actually published. We had some extra room, so I suggested to David that we should include it in the book, since the rules for making magical animals kept referring to it all the time. The only change is some modifications to the cats entry, and the errata is fixed.)

Whohooo! :smiley: Thanks alot.!

-Eirik (aka Ferretz) :slight_smile:

Can we get a status report on Hedge Magic, Revised Edition? When will we see a product page, TOC, or any other tentative dates?

Thanks an awful lot, it looks great!!! I can't wait for it!!! :smiley:

Are things still on schedule for shipping in late June? We'll be less dissapointed knowing sooner than later if not and exceedingly pleased with an update if so.



Since RoP: Magic, which might just be the best Ars Magica book yet, is delayed to July, maybe it would be possible for a nice little extra preview? Maybe something about dragons, atlanteans or objects of virtues? :wink:

That way I can keep feed my players and keep them from rioting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn't that be nice? :slight_smile:



Heh ... ask and ye shall receive. We actually have a preview in the works ... a new magical character for Semita Errabunda, and DEFINITELY out of the norm. Our webmaster should be putting it up on the site within a week. :slight_smile: