RoP the Divine Revised doubt

Hi, on the free chapter of Judaism it says that "Dream Interpretation works like the Power Meditation" and this can be used with a Method... before it was a Method or i am confussing myself?

Dream Interpretation could be used as a Method in the original RoP: TD too. The main difference between the two versions of the virtue is that Mark eliminated the (somewhat confusing) reference to TMRE and instead included an example of how the divinatory aspect of the ability works.

Yep, is usefull i think, but still it being a Method Meditation? I thought that the only chapter rewrited was the Judaism....

It's still treated as a "Meditation" variant, yes.

Thanks, but i am asking if Meditation is one Method or a Power now.

Are you asking if Meditation still needs to be paired with a Power? If so, the answer is yes.

Ok, it is.
The problem is this, from the Judaism revisited:

Reading this looks like that Meditation is one Power and not one Method. I was asking if the Method of Meditation is now one Power after the revision.

Errata thing, said by David Chart:

And soon anothers...