"Round", "Play" and "Turn"


On the Misfortune Favors the Old card, it allows you to play two extra cards this ROUND. However, in the rules, the gameplay is divided into Plays and Turns. What is a "Round"? We have had some debate - it has made a difference in the ability of what can be done, depending on what cards are played next.

To clarify, if the Round is the same as a Play, then the two extra cards that are UD or negative Mods must be played before the second Play turn card (which could be a positive modifier). That means it's three cards to finish out that first Play (or Round), and THEN the second Play begins.

If the Round is the Turn, then after the MFtO card is played, the next card can be a Positive Mod (even though the two extra cards cannot be one of those) as the second Play, and THEN the two extra cards are played and can be UDs, etc.

Do you see the difference? What is correct? Is a Round the Play, or the Turn?

Thank you!

I'm not sure how this escaped notice for so long, but it is a good question!

The intention in this case would be "Play". When you play MFtO, you may IMMEDIATELY play two additional cards. If you use MFtO as your first play, you have one additional play after you resolve MFtO (so you could play a positive Modifier, but not a Death).

Sorry this went under the radar for so long!