Round up or down?

I am sure i must have known this but I can not find it in the rulebook?

This might (or might not) help


Except for a few special cases, it isn't in the rulebook. And it has been debated over and over again, and we do not even seem to agree whether rounding is necessary at all.

Thanks folks

I believe the probable answer is one follows English rounding conventions: this being David Chart. A number that is less than half rounds down, but halves and above round up?

I will ask him
CJ x

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That is normal rounding rules, and Iā€™m sure those apply.
I mean, GURPS always rounds down, and this is specifically ruled.

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I either round in favor of the players or keep track of half-points.

I don't think we said, but I would rule "round up".

Emphasis mine. Typo, or just as intended? :laughing:


Hahaha.. genius :smile: