RPG Lines?

Is Ars Magica the only RPG line that Atlas is supporting (releasing products for) going forward?

Side question, with Jonathan Tweet having been let go by WotC, any upcoming Atlas work with him?

Read the sub-forum titles on the main page:

[b]Feng Shui

D20 System Games:
Penumbra, Coriolis, Nyambe, Northern Crown ...

Other Atlas RPGs...
Or click on the ATLAS GAMES logo, top left of any page, and surf their website for "RPG Products" (link at top page header).

Um - I'm not retarded, I'm asking which lines are actually being currently developed. As a long time Feng Shui-er I know it's not, as well as (obviously) the d20 stuff. I suspect Unknown Armies is defunct too but am casting about for confirmation.

Currently we have active plans for Ars Magica, Mad Scientist University, Let's Kill, Gloom, the Mini Mythos children's books, and Once Upon a Time. That's not to say that we won't do anything with the others ever, it's just the things we currently have in development.

OK, thanks. So except for ArM, Atlas has pretty much given up on the RPG market in favor of board/card/books? Is that a deliberate direction for the company? Are there any other RPG lines/stuff anywhere in the hopper or are y'all not looking to go back there?

Hi there. We're maintaining our commitment to 3 to 4 Ars Magica books per year. Other than that, we've discussed some other RPG possibilities, but haven't formalized plans for anything else yet.