RSS Feed for new forum ETA?

Sorry to bug but is there any ETA on restoring the RSS feed?



Our webmaster Wendy just got home from traveling yesterday, and it's first on her to-do list. So, very soon hopefully. Thanks for your patience!

Great. Glad she is back safe.

When she gets a chance.



Hi there,

Is there a RSS feed up on the site yet? I am trying to add it to my list because I'd like to start keeping up to date more on this forum, but alas I cannot find the thing anywhere. :open_mouth: Any help would be most appreciated?


I'll check in with our webmaster about it today.

Wendy says she'll take a look at it this afternoon, and may be able to get it up by Monday. I'll announce it when it goes live.

See the news at

Thank you Michelle! I just noticed the rss feed icons-- I can't account for why I didn't see them yesterday. /brain fart. :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth:

Thanks very much for this Michelle.