RSS Feed Now Up!

Our webmaster Wendy implemented an RSS feed while upgrading the forums to the newest software recently. This is something that some of you had asked for in the past, and BOY is it going to make things easier to use!

You'll find a little RSS icon in the bottom left corner of each page ... click on it to be taken to the RSS feed, and use that web address to set up your email program to auto-check it. If you subscribe to the RSS link from inside a thread (like the weapons thread in the Ars Magica forum), you'll get new posts just from that thread. If you use the one from the top level of a forum (like the Ars Magica forum), you'll get all the posts from that forum. And if you subscribe to the one on the welcome page ( ) then you'll get EVERY post that's added to any of the forums.

I think this will be especially helpful for the Play by Post games ... GMs might want to suggest to their players that they sign up for an RSS feed of their campaign's forum, for example, so they always get the latest posts immediately, instead of just the single post after their own that the "Notify me when a reply is posted" feature allows.