RSS feed possible?

Hi all,

is there a possibility to incorporate RSS feeds from these Fora? If yes, would it be possible to make one for each basic cathegory, say Ars Magica, Feng Shuei etc...?



Hi there. I've forwarded your question on to Wendy, our web developer. We'll look into whether it's possible, anyway!

HI Michele / Wendy,

any news on this? :wink:


Wendy said that it might be possible ... she'll have to look into it a bit more. But since she gave birth two weeks ago, it might be a little while until she has time, I suspect. :wink:

Forward our gratulations :exclamation:


Plus 20 fingers up for Wendy!!!!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, RSS would be great!

beware of red save