RTFM - Ars Magica Laboratory

Abe wrote:

I've put this in a new topic, so as not to clutter the valuable list-of-items with the blast of flame directed at Abe.

Abe, the instruction [size=150]RTFM[/size] has to be shouted at you!
For goodness sake, it's written on-screen right in front of you - are you just trying to annoy people this time?

for the avoidance of doubt, the Laboratory Topic was started by Michelle Nephew to:


  1. it's for 5th Ed items, not 4th Ed
  2. it's for items that have been discussed (i.e. had their flaws pointed out and fixed!) elsewhere, as a summary, not for random "i thought it up but didn't check bother to anything" posts.

Not true on that boss. It's for any items at all, it's just recommended that they be discussed here first (assumably to avoid having the thread ruined by arguements of course).

However, the item is a bit annoying. :stuck_out_tongue: Base should be 2, Range would be +0 (Self), Target +0 (Individual), Duration +0 (Momentary) for a total of 2.... no?

Not sure investing Vis on a piece of wax you intend to burn down makes any sense at all. Perhaps on a room where it can light any candles/torches when entered...., but definitely not on a self-lighting candle. :stuck_out_tongue: And even then, that'd be a ritual, not an item I believe.

Here's what would interest me. Back when I first made my wife's character, I started by asking her, if she could have any 'power', what would it be? Her answer was a self-cleaning house since she spends so much time cleaning it. I thought that'd be a really really simple low level spell (at least in most games), but trying to create it was next to impossible with the system (although it seems a great 'common' type spell for a Magic based game). I'd like to see that created. I started with thinking a low RegoTerram (for removing dust) or even PerdoTerram, but organizing things meant Rego, would just have to mvoe the dust out the windows. Maybe some Aquam to clean dishes thus needing creo also. Anyhows I remember trying to get everything in and ending up with like a Magnitude 12 spell or something.

Maybe I need a 'cleaning' item, with some rego so it can move, and some perdo instilled to 'erase' things, and some intelligo so it doesn't erase everything... Bah! Sounds like too much work again, I'll just go do the dishes for her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Call me pedantic , but what isn't clear about the 5th Ed part.
It will cause confusion to any new players if you post 4th Ed items ,
or any earlier edition ones. :confused:

True that, I didn't cut enough of the quote out. I was referring to the insistance that all items had to be first discussed. :wink: However, that item should definitely not have been posted.