Rules question: Autofire, bullets, multiple targets ...

Hello everyone, I am new here and I got a few questions about the
Feng Shui rules in certain situations. Thanks in advance.

While most of the rules are perfectly clear, some info seems
to be missing (if I am wrong, please tell me the page nr. it's on)

Question 1:
A character wants to attack x opponents and gets a penalty
of -x on his AV, if x > 1. That's clear, but does such a stunt
take longer than 3 shots ? If yes.. is it up to the GM to decide ?
or is there a rule ?

Question 2:
If a character uses a normal gun for attacking x targets at his turn,
he'd use x bullets.. , but what if he uses autofire ?
A 3 bullet burst per target ? If yes: Do the penalties for
autofire apply ? (This would make no sense, because it would
be more difficult to hit multiple opponents with a machine gun
than with a normal gun).
If not: How many bullets are fired ?

Question 3:
The rulebook says, that one can continue autofire until the ammo
is used up (though there are penalties on the accuracy) .. ok.. but
how long does that take ? Just 3 shots ?
Sure.. 30 slugs at a 600 bullets per minute rate might work in 3 shots,
but what if we talk about a machine gun with an almost
endless ammuntion-chain ?

Question 4:
What about autofire combined with snapshots ?

Question 5:
Is there offical errata for the rulebook ?


It´s a normal attack, so 3 shots for most attacks.

Strictly going with the rules, you can only use autofire to increase damage on one target. So, yes, 3, 6 etc rounds for each target and +1 damage for each target.

Sure. Don´t forget that you increase damage.

However, since FS is a Action Movie RPG please feel free to shoot 30 rounds at several targets and do normal damage without autofire penalty.

Well, more Ammo for you to spread around. :wink:

-2 or -5 to the AV.

AFAIK only for the first printing for the Daedalus-Edition, not for the Atlas-Edition.


Thanks for the answers Apple. :slight_smile:
Though there are still some problems:

The additional damage by autofire is surely the result of the additional
slugs fired at the same opponent. Thus this way of handling it
makes more sense.
So far ok, but what still bugs me, is that autofire weapons are no
way better for "mowing down unnamed opponents" than normal guns,
except for those few, that lower the outcome needed to put an unnamed
mook down.

Killer A (Guns 15) uses a Heckler & Koch Mp5 10/3/30 at autofire.
At a maximum he could put down 10 mooks in 3 shots.

Killer B (Guns 15) uses a Beretta 92 Centurion 10/3/15+1
At a maximum he could put down 15 mooks in 3 shots.

I mean... it sounds a little odd, eh ? Don't get me wrong, I know
Feng Shui is not about realism, it's just a weird feeling, when your
players ask you, what the advantages of automatic weapons are,
regarding to bigger numbers of opponents (instead of named, single
targets, where the cumulative damage makes sense).

Uhm.. sure.. :confused: How about a "house rule"
of a max. of 10 bullets fired per shot ? Do you think that would work ?

I have no idea about assult rifles and smgs, but do all those automatic
weapons have a mode for sinlge shots ?
In that case it would make no sense for a character to use those in
auto-fire mode on unnamed mooks, because it only wastes bullets
(the additional damage has no relevant effect). The difficulty
to mow down multiple unnamed mooks remains the same and costs
the same time and needs only a third of munition without auto-fire.

Indeed, the Big Bruiser has the same Problem, with his Martial Arts AV of 12 he has some Problems taking out mooks.

Sure. One idea could be "for every 3 bullets 1 damage or the mook goes down on an outcome of 4 (or for 6 bullets at 3 etc)"

Not everyone, but many. IRL it is not big problem for a firearms company to build or modify firearms for different firing modes. The HK MP5 for example comes with several semi/2-burst/3-burst/full automatic combinations for their customers.


Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Hmm... things get complicated here...

How about this: ALL automatical weapons lower the needed
outcome (against unnamed mooks) to 4 if used in autofire mode,
but you need a 3 bullet burst per target.
If used in a single shot mode, there won't be any modification
to the needed outcome, but you need less munition.

Of course some special weapons, like an AK-47 might provide
a needed outcome of 4 in the single shot mode and an outcome
of 3 in auto-fire mode.

Do you think this would "overpower" auto-fire weapons ?

Compared to other weapons like pistols oder shotguns it could be tricky. Why should you use a Glock 17 or Desert Eagle if you can blaze everything away with an AK-47?

Compared to other fighters, especially the Martial Artists (Fu-Power): no, it wouldn´t be overpowered.


A handgun is less heavy, more concealable, cheaper and
doesn't use that much munition.

Btw... by using the rule I considered above, the AK-47 doesn't
get any better compared to the standart rules. It would be one of
the few weapons that no longer kill at an outcome of 3 in single fire
mode. Most automatic weapons get a little better by that
rules modification, though.

Talking about the choice of weapons:
Of course the purpose and roleplaying aspect comes into play
here, too. Many gamers I play Feng Shui with, would chose
weapons, that would fit their characters or the purpose of
their mission, not just picking the "super-it-kills-everything-gun"
on any occasion for every character. If in doubt, I can still veto their decisions.

Well, "super-it-kills-everything-gun" and " the purpose of
their mission" could be the same, especially in FS. Sure, for silent entry you should use another weapon than a AK47. :wink: