Rules Question - Magical Senses in Magical Items

Hey all. So recently I got back into the vibrant and amazing world and rules of Ars Magica. This involves me created my own magus character and basically solo roleplaying things as I want (with a bit of fudge here and there for fun, lol). As I was going about reading from all by books I came upon Mysteries and Initiation Scrips and such things and decided to delve deep into it - including in areas that I didn't really focus on before.

One of said jump into the deep ends was my discovery of the Initiation Script for Sensory Magic and how perfect it might be as a modified basis for his attempted Minor Breakthrough to make available Binding the Gift (at least the part related to the normal familairs as he has no interest in Faerie familairs). Which I totally realize is going to put him at odds with Merinita but as a solo story I think that might be actually fun in certain ways.

Anyway, the reason I am making this thread is that the part of sensory magic initiation I am using is confusing me. Its the part that says "Craft an object in the shape of his heartbeast and enchant it with the ability to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell." Now I plan on changing heartbeast to shape of his familiar and probably use a stone carved item or wood, but I am not sure how to go about the whole senses thing. For example are the effects Herbam/Terram (for the item) or Animal for the nature of what I want to do. Is it Intellago, for the sense, or is it Muto, for the ability.

So yeah, I was wondering about that. Thanks for any help on this! :slight_smile:

TMK we discussed this last time here.


Funny enough I just found it. My first search failed but then I tried again and found it.

I kind of plan on going with SpoonR result and mimic an effect of Stir the Slumbering Tree and such. I'm just going to create a Muto Terram Guideline for this :
Level 5 - Awaken the consciousness of a unit of dirt. (Mentem requisite).

I made it one level more than the Herbam version because trees ar elive but rocks aren't at base so magic needs to push a bit more. hehe

I thank you for the response as it does actually help. Also from reading thge o the thread I'm glad I am not alone in my initial confusion. Hehe