rules tweaking

I'm considering revising the chart so that there are 9 instead of 4 categories of adventures- I am open to suggestions on what some of these could be. 2 I have so far (which I also invite comment on) are:

criminal/spy: skills: stealth, intrigue, legerdemain, folk ken, awareness, bargain, shapeshifter, craft(for forgery or B&E), guile

outdoor: survival, athletics, swim, ride, wilderness sense, animal ken, hunt, area lore, stealth

I think those are good ones.

Maybe "Mystery" or "Investigation"? It could use abilities like Intrigue (for unraveling the plot), Awareness (For spotting clues), Folk Ken (For spotting liars), Artes Liberales (Logical deduction), Sense Holiness and Unholiness (For instantly finding the bad guy), Area Lore (background knowledge), Animal Ken (interviewing witnesses), Hunt (tracking people)

good idea- I think I'll go with:
Investigation- Intrigue, awareness, folk ken, artes liberales, philosophae (for forensics), sense based supernatural abilities (sense holiness, second sight, wilderness sense etc), area lore, hunt, arcane knowledge ability

All good categories for me.

A new category could be "commerce/trade" or something like that?

Abilities suggested: bargain, folk ken, guile, profession, charm, etiquette, are lore, artes liberales, entrancement.

building on that idea:
commerce/goodwill: bargain, folk ken, guile, profession, craft, charm, etiquette, area lore, artes liberales

Possible troubles to run into:
Academic/research/intellectual (Though possibly not always applicable to some adventures. Hmm. Related to MysteryInvestigation?)
I like the idea of outdoors and criminal and commerce, and not just because my companion's a trickster/commerce god.

Late to the party, but I like them all, plus glad that more skills have been added to each category, even Languages! Although no Teaching still... :frowning:

silveroak, in the Fast Advancement chart, under Legal/Diplomatic, Intrigue is listed twice.

fixed that, thanks.

I am adding Gentle Spell Casting (allows the magus to add a number of people equal to the level of mastery to those who are not warped by the spell) to the options for spell mastery.

Decided on cast or on acquisition of mastery ranks?

To be useful should be on casting. One can only hope that's the case!

on acquisition of rank.

I think that would be pretty ridiculously good. :stuck_out_tongue: