Running gang-based game with Feng Shui


Several years ago I played a short campaign with Feng Shui and the system and way of the game never left my mind while my body wandered into other games. And so I have returned to attempt to run a campaign with the Feng Shui rules but with a different setting. My idea is to use the Feng Shui rules for making a game focused on various street gangs fighting each other to take over the hometown of the GM and the players. As it stands it will be a bit over-the-top game but that should work pretty well with this game, and I don't want to get involved in the font of human misery that real-life gangs are neck deep in RL by making it realistic.

But anyway...

I turn to the forum and the illuminated minds that would inhabit it to see if you some obsticles that might work lesser well and general comments on the idea. Since I don't have the core book, yet, I intend to wait untill 2nd edition comes up and run with these rules. I naturally make absolutely no claim to portray anyting even remotely realistic.

The idea is that the characters starts the game by meeting in some locale where they decide to form their own gang, each for their own reasons, and to battle the other gangs be it for revenge, greed, power hunger or idealism, I will leave that up to the players, and as you can probably figure out the game will take place in a European city. As well as deciding on what kind of gang they intend to run with.

Each gang will have their own unique style, I hope, with music, characters etc. to give them some feeling. The gangs are:

Los Soldados: A gang that rolled into the city and caused enough hell for various new gangs to form in opposition to this gang. Since then they have been rolled back to a certain degree but remain the single most powerful gang in the city
Membership: A Hispanic leadership from the USA but mixed lower ranks recruited locally
Criminal Acivity: Almost a finger in every criminal jar across the city
Music: Not decided yet, but likely flaming music and music from Latin America and Spain
Style: Hispanic and Spanish

*** Gangsters: One of the most violent gangs in the city who are perhaps the single most dangerous gang after Los Soldados
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: Deep into the music industry and "cooperation" with many nightclubs
Music: Rap
Style: Rappers

*** Rollerz: Focused on engine driven vehicles and every illegal activity that connects with it
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: Car and motorcycle thefts, highjacking trucks off the highway and most importantly the monthly street races that the gang organize and the various crimes that takes place together with this, like the betting for instance
Music: Most likely I will just take the Fast and Furious soundtracks right off
Style: Car and motorcycle fantasts

*** Brotherhood: No real idea yet to be honest, but mixed membership

Free Company: Unemployed former soldiers from the military
Membership: Mostly white but some people of color
Criminal Activity: Security for illegal enterprizes, collecting debts, hits and illegal arms trade
Music: Don't know yet but I'm open to suggestions
Style: Paramilitary

Karate Kings: Martial arts focused gang with a strong japanophile angling. They do however not possess a single actual Asian gangmember in their entire gang
Membership: White, but very likely they have Asian "gang-names"
Criminal Activity: Collecting debts, protection money, fight clubs and the great Lethal Combat tournament that they arrange where the fighters fight to the death
Music: Various fighting movies soundtracks, like Mortal Combat etc. mixed with some general Japanese music
Style: Martial artists

Green Mayhem: Enviromentalists, turned eco-terrortists when their peaceful activities failed to get an impact, and turned gangbangers when they ran out of cash. In their freetime they tend to practice their eco-terrorism. I'm thinking of letting at least one of their leaders by one of those animals who could take human form
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: Massive involvement on all levels of the drug trade, including large scale production
Music: Don't really know yet.
Style: Eco-terrorists

Death Dogs: A Punk gang who are all about random violence to terrorize pretty much anyone they happen to come across
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: None organized but whatever they can steal in their massive orgies of violence
Music: Punk
Style: Punk

Skate Kidz: A gang of irresponsible skaters and hip hoppers
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: illegal betting and protection money, as well as being involved with some nightclubs and the hip hop scene
Music: Hip hop
Style Hip hopping skaters

Street Grenadiers: Privilaged middle-class gangbangers who are more involved due to the attraction to danger and wanting to make themselves look cool, but they are also make a bucket. They have powerful patrons who help them in exchange for their aid in shady schemes said to orginate in the highest levels of the city's administration and corporations
Membership: White, with a few members of color
Criminal Activity: Drug trade and providing muscle for various corrupt corporations and taking care of problematic individuals for corrupted officials and politicians
Music: Don't know yet
Style: Decadent and corrupt elite

The *** Triad: Based around Asian food establishments and being an ethnically exclusive Asian gang, the Triad is involved in a large number of crimes which are centered around their food establishments
Membership: Asian, with some mixed membership in the lowest ranks
Criminal Activity: Various different areas but which are all centered on the establishments under their control
Music: Don't know but very likely Hong Kong movie soundtracks and traditional Japanese music
Style: Criminal triads

White Lions: Hockey-fans who have been hardened into warriors through "normal" huliganism they have turned to gangbanging in order to pay for going to the games of their favorite hockey team.
Membership: Mixed
Criminal Activity: Everything that takes place in the hockey arena, protection money, collecting debts and illegal betting on the hockey scene
Music: Supporting songs for the team and music I have yet to decide upon
Style: Hockey huligans

Thunder Brothers: Disfranchised white gang who has a distinct Norse theme to themselves and practice a form of reave-and-raid mentality adopted to the modern city
Membership: White
Criminal Activity: Everything they can take during one their their reave-and-raid goings through the city
Music: Norse-inspired music
Style: Raider in the modern city

***=Name for a certain borough in my home city, which I will not share. :slight_smile:

I don't see why it wouldn't work. Just at a glance... that looks like a lot of gangs to start with. I'd probably start smaller, with a basic small-scale turf war vs. larger gang and 2-3 other smaller gangs who can be allies/antagonists. The bigger gangs can be uptown or can muscle in later when the PCs make a name for themselves.

I would strongly recommend Friends of the Dragon for advice, schticks, and rules designed specifically around a "themed" campaign. I particularly like Group Schticks, as they can encourage the PCs to invest in common resources and can help give them a goal to work towards together.

True about having many gangs to start with and you are right in that it will probably make better with just a few and then introduce more later.

Will check out the Friends of the Dragon for some extra stuff. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nice idea, did you make any progress? Im looking forward and if you need a worker, just pm :slight_smile:

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So far I have been conceptualizing the different gangs and made notes regarding various fight scenes I want to include, as well as getting annoyed that the 2nd edition hasn't come out yet.

If you feel you got ideas to share feel free to post! :smiley: