Ryces poker face

My shiny new talisman is a freaky looking wooden mask, great for hiding tells when i play poker, but a bit cumbersome when i turn into a falcon.

So.. what I want to do is put a nice, simple, low level spell into the mask so that when I change shape and size, so does the mask.

A bit of muto herbam would handle the shape changing, maybe with a terram requisite if i stick some jewels in it.. but I want the mask to sense when i change form, and automagically change when i do..

.. how do i get it to do that?

we've established that the mask has enough of a sentience that it can cast intelligo mentem spells on people, and i can communicate telepathically with it to find out what it finds out, and tell it what to ask.

So would adding an intelligo requisite to the mu he (te) spell be enough to get it to sense when I'm changing, and change with me?

Ryce MageSlayer

Any enchanted item can be triggered to operate based on vocal or gestured components is my understanding. For the trigger to be anything else my understanding is that an Intellego effect is required (Serfs parma applies).

Could changing form be inteperated as a glorified gesture?

Failing that an intellego mentem (range personal as talisman) to sense the intent, which you already effectively have?

My tuppence anyway.

Freeman's parma, but I believe this is mentioned in HoH: Mystery Cults, in the Bjornaer section, in the description for Voice for the Bjornaer. It's an environmental trigger.


Sense when its touching an animal, then it does...'X'

It's actually a linked trigger, called Perceive the Change. It detects whether you are human, and if not, triggers another effect (which has to have the +3 Linked Trigger modifier). It's a 14th level effect, IIRC, or 9th level for a talisman (since the effect can be Personal).


InAn, actually. "Am I touching an animal now?"