Sacret Architecture

Right, Mysteries is soon to be released, and I have a question about it. Maybe we could get an official word on this, since it would be of great importance to our new covenant. Will we see 5th edition rules for Sacret Architecture?



I have no definitive answers for you, just educated guesses. I know for sure that Hermetic Numerology will be back (The original Sacred Architecture rules were meant to be part of this Mystery, which was cut and published in Hermes Portal) and it will include rules for an Hermetic Geometry Virtue (nothing related to architecture, though). This seems like the right thematic place for Sacred Architecture (although TMRE author stresses that Mysteries are no longer to be meant as monolithic units, so nothing really stops you from concocting a homebrew tradition mixing Sacred Architecture and Alchemy Virtues).

Cool. What we're looking for is the creation of stone circles and such. Out covenant is an arrangement of six stone towers at the points of a six pointed star, on the windswept Isle of Wight. It would be cool it this actually had any effect.

So what is Hermetic Numerology then? I haven't read about that before :slight_smile:


It is probably pointless asking this, but worth a go. Considering the above mentioned Sacred Architecture, is there anything about Sardinian Nuraghic (sp?) towers/villages as hinted to in HoH:MC-Verditius.

Or is this something going to come along in Ancient Magic, RoP:M or perhaps even RoP:I given my (probably warped) reading of Verditius.

Ancient Magic? Never heard of this. Is it one of next year's releases? And what will be in it? (I know, ancient magic, but what kind of magic, I wonder). :slight_smile:


It's the book lined up for first quarter next year (January I believe). David has said that one of the purposes of the book if not the primary purpose awas to give the seekers something to look for.

Excellent! This sounds very interesting :slight_smile:


Originally (back in the first edition of Mysteries) Numerology was meant to be the fifth Mystery (besides Alchemy, Theurgy, Augury, and Astrology) but was cut (I suppose for space reasons) and only Sacred Architecture, one of its Virtues, survived in the Appendix. The remaining part was published in one of the Hermes Portal fanzine issues. I really couldn't commend you those rules: the general concept was cool but the system execution was rather confusing and unworkable (as it was often the case with 4th ed Mysteries).

Enter the Mysteries Revised. Atlas had the really nice idea of letting the TMRE author make a nice adventure as a special prop/treat for Special Ops subscribers. This adventure (an interesting whodunit scenario involving a meeting of various Mystery initatiates) gives partial spoils about several TMRE Mystery Virtues (alchemy, theurgy, numerology, dream magic). When I made myself an absolute pest asking for TMRE spoilers, the poor guy, out of desperation, pointed me to the adventure (which I hope to run soon once I have the book).

One of the characters is an initiate of a Numerology-centered Mystery. Serf's Parma, it has been a while since I checked those rules.

Hermetic Numerology: the character can learn and cast low-magnitude spells as numerological formulae, with an inherent Quiet and Subtle Magic bonus. Plus he can get an undescribed bonus to spellcasting from consulting his numerological reference book.

Hermetic Geometry: the character gains new geometric Target, Range, and Duration. He can cast Ring and Circle spells at a Sight distance and use Sight distance with other senses. He can use ceremonial casting with spells involving geometric figures.

Thank you very much for that tidbit. Are there any other spoilers you can relate? (Without being hauled into court, of course.)

Goodness, I really hope not ! I mean, any fan can get that adventure free, provided they register at the Special Ops program of Atlas. There was no NDA stuff involved.

anyway, here's the beef:

Theurgy Virtues (my preferred)

Living Ghost (no details given, but context implies something like the Spirit version of Becoming) "a method of attaining eternal life by becoming an immortal spirit"

Hermetic Theurgy – Allows you to invoke spell-spirits and Daimons. A “Spirit Of (Spell)” will cast a given formulaic spell for you, with the equivalent of Flexible Formulaic Magic; a “Spirit of (Technique/Form)” will perform the equivalent of spontaneous magic for you. Daimons are summoned by ritual, and perform specific spervices according to their nature.

Names of Power – You can call out the names of powerful spirits
to boost Theurgical spells (like MuVi spells).

Note: these two Virtues are apparently the same taught by the Huntress in the Wood Mystery Cult.

Synthemata Magia – At a glance, you may guess the Synthemata
(secret names) of a being with a Might score. If you do,
you can invent (or spont) MuVi spells, to increase your Casting Score versus that being.

Note: this Virtue appears NOT to be the same as the Hermetic Theurgy one mentioned in HoH:MC.

Spell Binding – A Minor Mystery that allows you to bind a
spell and a spirit into an object, and force the spirit to use its
Might to maintain the spell indefinitely.

Alchemy Virtues:

Vulgar Alchemy – this lets you use the results of experimentation in the lab to discover new shapes and materials giving sympathetic bonuses
to enchantments.

Hermetic Alchemy – Lets you extract more vis from an aura, or
to extract Form-specific vis (rather than only Vim vis).

Astrology Virtues

Planetary Magic – By creating a laboratory horoscope before
starting a season in the lab, you can determine favorable
hours and signs for a bonus to your Lab Total.

Dream Magic Virtues

Dream Magic – You have been initiated into the methods of sending your spirit into other people’s dreams.

Greater Dream Magic – A secret method of actual physical
travel to and from dreams.

Numerology Virtues:

Hermetic Numerology – This
Mystery teaches Rotes and Rote Casting, and allows
creation of the Numerologist’s Book, which gives a
bonus to Rotes, Numerology, and Hermetic Geometry.
Rotes are numerological formulae, similar to low-level spontaneous
spellsl. As mental exercises they benefit as if you
had the Mastery abilities of Quiet- and Still-casting.

Hermetic Geometry – Bonus for casting spells involving Circles, Rings, and Lines. You also have access to the new spell Range Line, the new spell Target Arcane Circle, and the new spell Duration Arcane Ring.
Line has similar reach to Sight, but allows any sense (not just vision) if you calculate the distance correctly. Arcane Circle and Arcane Ring allow you to trace a circle you can touch, but invoke a distant circle as if at Line Range. You can use Ceremonial Casting for any spell including
formulaic spells, if the spell involves a regular figure.

After I saw Sacred Architecture in the Mysteries I wanted to do a campaign based on this.
I mean of course it's bullshit, but it's one of those thing that could give inspiration to a good Ars campaign.


Something similar is being speculated about the placement of the medieval round churches (allegedly built by the Templars) of the Danish baltic island Bornholm. That they should link in a huge pentagram and that the island should be hidden resting ground for the Grail or the Ark of the Covenant etc.

You can read about it at:

A movie was actually made about it - some think of it as a Danish childrens version of the Da Vinci Code - and even if you cant understand the Danish text you might find the picture in this link of motorcycle riding templar cultists chasing danish kids quite amusing....:

And even in roleplaying... In this link you can find a Danish roleplaying scenarios database with a scenario, "Vogterens Arving", in the line of the same speculations:

See also House Criamon, one path of which ends in living ghosts, with a different name, and the mechanics filed off (this is published material.)

See also the Bjornaer chapter of HoH:MC.

Thanks, Wanderer.