Sad news -- passing of artist William O'Connor

I'm sad to share the news that artist William O'Connor, who illustrated for the ArM3 core book, passed away on Jan. 31. I met him at Gen Con 2015: he was a friendly, humble, and quietly funny guy. He said ArM3 was his first project after he finished art school. He'll be missed; the world is a little better for having had him in it.

those early illustrations in the combat chapter of third edition were so wonderful. They made me feel like I was out in the open, the wind and rain seemed so real, you felt the danger of that crossbow.

I loved his work in the rest of third edition, in Legend of the Five Rings, and in D&D. He was an amazing talent and one of my favorite artists.

Amazing ilustrator indeed. 3rd edition was the first Ars I got on my hands and I'm still in love with these images. They weren't just drawings, all had life, a story without words in that gifted ink style. Rest in peace.

So influential in my continued love of the game. My own mental aesthetic when writing and running stories is illustrated in great part by William O'Connor.

That he went on to do great things in the industry is really no surprise.