Saga and Covenant Development discussion

As we need to spend seasons to gain familiars and other special upgrades perhaps the magi ran across each other by chance during one of those? I'm expecting at least two seasons of wandering for a familiar and talisman materials (if we need to do that), so happy to have run into another PC that way. There is also the potential to meet at a previous tribunal, so names and reputation might be known. I'll know more when I've spent advancement seasons, and happy to integrate a little with others to help the start-up story.

I am guessing that chance meetings do not lead to invitations to go to the survival camp together :slight_smile:

I am just trying to gauge the story in a era that the magi might be paranoid of each other. Two wizards in a tavern might leave a smoking hole depending on the paranoid level of one of them.

Just a guess is that we will meet on the ship to Finland or boarding the ship.

Some additional ideas to consider.
Magi may have apprenticed together, or if a different age might be an apprentice at a covenant where another PC was a magus.
The magi might be part of the same covenant prior to the start of the saga.
Tremere are the easiest, they've been directed to join by the Prima Tremeris, and inducements made to the rest of the magi to agree or all of the magi have worked well with the Tremere in the past and are willing to accept a Tremere on the recommendation of the Prima.

I'm sure there are others, but I think we can come with reasonable and believable explanations on why the magi (who are still in the creation process) came together.

I am more than willing to change some ideas if it makes our coming-together more believable. Correspondance, Tribunal meeting, helping in a Wizard's war, covenant together (after or before Gauntlet).

As mentioned in my background my ideas are to have traveled to Novgorod, before it was closed, to anyone from that area/wanting to play in that area are a possibility.

Also the covenant I mentioned on Ösel, which, as we won't be using it, is either destroyed or equally withdrawn as the rest of Novgorod, could have been home to one of the other magi of the campaign.

Maybe Agnarr Kjallharted visited Ösel during a freezing over of the Baltic Sea, to revel in this delicious freezing temperature, and Melkorma and he struck up a friendship ?

Also if we do go for Finland, I would like for us to be somewhere nearish to Turko, as fleeing wholly into the wilderness seems a little off for a Jerbiton.

I was also thinking of putting my character in the Three Lakes covenant in Novgorod as a visitor, so that he has to flee when they start persecuting outsiders. Perhaps my character and ROF's met at tribunal?

Wits, I'd be up for that - what do you think of a romantic dalliance ? I'd be willing to spend a season on "romance", maybe with some heart-break, that can be/give some tension between our characters ?

Great idea for Agnarr to have met Melkorma in Osel. Done.

Heh, wait till you see my character. I'll try to get a first draft posted within the next few days.

I might have missed it but what is the starting year for the saga? 1220? sticking with the 1260ish?

Still looking for a player or you're good ?

Sorry for delays in getting back, I was sick most of the weekend and yesterday.

@jebrick: I was still thinking 1260, but I can be convinced otherwise, if necessary.
@bitter: come aboard!

If I am making a talisman using BP, do I also need the vis to construct it? I am guessing yes but...

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I don't believe it's an issue, although it does require some clarification.
How does the following sound?

If you create a talisman with build points, you cannot use the normal advancement rules to add additional effects to it. You either convert some of your build points to vis, and work on your talisman as a lab project during normal development, or you spend build points on it, creating any and all effects. Any talisman created with build points has a number of attunements equal to the number of effects plus 1. Finally, any talisman created with build points doesn't have any excess capacity in it, all of its enchantment slots are full.

So, I'm not clear where we wish to settle the covenant.

I think everyone is fine with Finland part of Scandinavia.
Do we want a rural or an urban (such as it is in Finland) environment?
How do you want the crusades to convert the pagans to affect the covenant? Do you want to be involved, for or against?

Don't feel held back by the Code, the enforcement of it is spotty at best, since there's all but open warfare in Normandy and Roman Tribunals, and any other covenants in Scandinavia probably won't hold to it strictly. Of course, this covenant could be the bulwark of the Order, maintaining a strict adherence to the Code, despite the challenges. It doesn't matter to me. But now that the characters are coming along, I think it's important to determine how and where these characters plan to interact with their new home.

I think Proteus would prefer a location in the forest a small distance from Turku, close to a body of water to secure shipping. His looks and inability to properly hide them don't mesh great with an urban environment, but Turku is probably the best place for getting supplies.

There's a huge lot of islands just off the coast here. It's actually called the "Archipelago Sea", and for good reason:

The medium-sized Aura river runs through the town, so any place along it's length is connected:

Proteus doesn't care that much about the Code or the pagans vs christians showdown, and his first priority is hiding from the malady and curing it to save himself. He would probably feel some sympathy for the underdog, but wouldn't be moved to sacrifice himself in any way.

Edit: Clarification, I did not intend to suggest that Proteus has the malady, only that he thinks curing it is a way to save himself rather than seeing it as an altruistic.

(Sorry for being silent - problems at work)

I support a covenant close to Turko. maybe 2-3 days journey to Turko for supplies, but also not too far out :slight_smile:

-Close to Turku seems fine to me, somewhat rural for tranquility but not very far from a settlement.

-Concerning Pagans and Christians, with faery upbringing she finds religion odd so a bit of interaction could be interesting. She's probably more open to the Pagan's rite but won't really support them, on the other hand she could intervene if an opportunity to bring shelter and that might escalade from here. I don't know that's probabaly a nice roleplay opportunity but I'd prefer it to be a secondary plot.

-Concerning the Code, she will probably try to respect it the best she can and will advocate that in a time like this we need those rules more than ever, she fears elder Magi could try and take more control over the order by brute force and acquisition of ressources. She's also very concerned with Molesting of the Fay for obvious reasons. She'll take some kind of risk to enforce that last ruling.

I favour a location which is really cold and Turku seems to have a nice mix of cold and warm for mundanes to live (a bit colder would be good but all good). Rural is better than city, remote is good, and very happy to have pagans about and around; killing anyone for religious reasons will not be cool - they might be found frozen stiff come the next seasons thaw.
As far as the Order's rules I'm not sure which way to take Agnarr yet. He'd play along but a huge factor would be setting up to live among the new location and that might mean bending the hermetic rules.

Turku seems like an ideal place for the campaign.