Saga and Covenant Development discussion

Turku is quite cool. We could pick an island which would be slightly remote - that would probably help us have no mundanes interferring, as well as giving us an easier way to move large quantities of whatever we need.

I recognize that we won't have a tremendous amount of choices about where our new covenant will be. Does anyone have particular boons/hooks that they want?

The one I'd really like is having a site with Magical Aura 5, 4 if we must.
Nice to haves include Healthy Feature (Covenants p.8) A Freshwater spring with pure water, say.

I'm presuming that we have enough notice that we can scout out locations for the new covenant.

Part of my Tremere background story will say we are going to a previously scouted area with some in place resources. Whether the resources are there or not is another matter.

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Greetings all!

Would it be too late to express interest in joining this saga?

Not at all. I've been on vacation, swamped by work, and this past week and a half (two weeks?) have been sick with a sinus infection that morphed into bronchitis and then into pneumonia. Yay me.

I'm still pretty weak, and don't have a lot of energy to devote to this saga now. With the meds I've had the last 3 days, I'm feeling much better and am on the mend. I'm hoping I can devote some energy to this saga by the weekend. Just going to work today, I'm exhausted and have cold sweats if I do much more than walk around the office.

Cool! :slight_smile:

I understand the momentary lack of energy and time. In the mean time, I will rely on the troupe to provide a sounding board. 8)

The concept is that of a clumsy Verditius, whose reknowned pater put high hopes on this blood descendant of his, only to be ridiculed by the clumsiness of his apprentice.

The character has a Major Magical Focus on resizing (things and beings) and is truly brilliant in an academic/magical sense, but so clumsy as to be a danger to those around him. He believes that his clumsiness is the result of a curse, despite many specialists telling him that it isn't so. He is more interested in creating toys and tools, rather than weapon-like items.


My character concept is a Verditius who has a MMF in metals, and has developed a number of spells to speed up manufacture of metal goods. Another character is another Rego Terram specialist, but in stone (Thyra). I'm not sure how much of an overlap we have.



I'm designing the character as a staff/wand-maker (Craft is with wood), specialized mostly in Muto. I don't think we'll have too much overlap. I'll have an initial version of the character posted shortly, so you will be better able to judge then. 8)

Stats at Gauntlet and background posted. Take a look and decide for yourself whether there might be some overlap. :smiley:

I'm open to modifying the character if there is overlap, however. The concept is not really based on his magical focus, so I can easily change his area of interest to something different.


No, no overlap. It certainly won't be boring around your character!


Indeed, I think the concept will be really fun to play. Certainly a big change of pace for me, since I usually play magi with more serious concepts.

I'll wait for the others to pipe in about Bartholomeus before I start advancing him after Gauntlet.

More specifically, is everyone ok with "Resizing" as a Major Magical Focus? That can cover effects in all of the Forms, but since it is a small subset of Muto I think this is reasonable.

Also, how much does a Personal Vis Source yields in this saga? I haven't decided yet the Art it will be in (I'm leaning towards Vim), but this is definitively something that he'll need to be able to enchant some items. I suspect his bad reputation would have made it difficult for him to get hired to enchant items initially. At least that's the way I intend to play it.

Resizing seems reasonable as a Major Magical Focus.

Our StoryGuide has not yet decided on the amount of vis from a Personal Vis Source. Two players, including myself, have already chosen that Virtue.

I am working on spending my BPs. Has anyone else spent theirs? I do not want to double up on something if I can prevent it.

I haven't finalized things yet, but I'm looking at a Vim summa and a Vim vis source, among other things. Nothing is set in stone, however.

What did you have in mind?

I have a Creo Summa, a small Imaginem vis source, and some Corpus tractatus. I'm rebuilding my character, so there will be more than this.

So far I have a 200 lb silver and 25p of yet to be determined vis, Rego and Terrem vis sources. a Rego Summa ( lv15). A tractatus(Q10) on MT. lab text for AotH at 30. I am going to add a Wizard Communion at 20 sun duration.

Still some more points left


As I'm rewriting my character, I notice that I have a Profession Scribe skill of 4, allowing me to copy 240 levels of spells in a season. That's 48 build points, right there.

I understand that we are going to have the challenges of setting up a new covenant. But we will still have to spend a season to learn any spell on a Lab Text. It's not as immediate an improvement as a Vis source, nor as generally applicable as

Is it allowable for us to supplement our Build Points with a season of copying, or will that have to take place after game start?

Here's a starting point on spells we should know or possess a lab text : [url]] (taken from the Praesidium Orae PbP game). This is over 60 build points.

Very good suggestion on initial spells. I have some BPs yet to spend but some of the spells I think I'll add to my character instead of as books. (Edit: and some of these I'm sure can be spont cast in a pinch)
I've assumed that our BP resources are sort of character centric - Am I out of sync with the other players?

I was thinking we ought to plan on each spending a season or two scribing spells at the beginning just to get the library filled up with some lab texts.

I assumed it was a mix. Some for us; some for the covenant. Not sure what the distribution should be, though.

After several hours, I've rebuilt my character. Calpurnia now is 40 years past Gauntlet. Following Arthur's setup, I built her in three distinct phases. One of the posts in my character thread has the Build Points breakdown.

Did you know that if a character has X experience points in an Ability, the Level can be found by solving (-5 + SQRT(25 + 40X))/10, rounding down if necessary? Sorry, my math geek came out for a while. Thankfully spreadsheets can automate this.