Saga cosmology

Stuff about the background of the Order and Mythic Europe that doesn't fit as a house rule, might include things I've said in other threads to add clarity to an underlying conversation.
Said in Fabrica's prelude thread:

One of the things that I don't believe I have posted previously is that the background of saga has that the number of Gifted individuals as a percentage of the population steadily increasing. Meaning more potential apprentices AND some Gifted individuals who never become magi and also hedge magi have been increasingly adept at nabbing apprentices, and operating under the auspices of temporal authority, making it difficult for the Order to interfere. The Order of Suleiman and the Order of Odin are also believed to be actively kidnapping recruiting Gifted individuals. Of course, attempts at diplomacy with these organizations has been less than successful, but it is also established in this saga that these organizations do exist.