Saga mechanics

So, I've made it clear I intend to run a year's worth of stories concurrently.

There are a couple of reasons for doing this. One, it allows players of different posting frequency an opportunity to play as deeply as they wish. The other is it moves Magus development along quicker. There may be cases where we have to retcon something (a grog dies in one season and isn't available in another season where he's also currently making an appearance), but I think those things are likely incidental to the story the Magus is involved in. One of my frustrations as a pbp player is that there is a tendency to see a Magus develop very slowly, I'm hoping this solves that issue, by and large.

I need a little bit of player information to sort things out. The first thing is your posting frequency. I have a sense of that for many of you already, I'm just looking for something in your own words, to confirm my understanding. Additionally, I need a general idea of your location, if it's not listed in your profile. Those two items dictate how fast a story progresses, just as much as frequency, since it appears we have people in vastly different times zones (I'm eastern time in the US, btw, I know there's an aussie and a couple of players from Europe). I'd also like to, ooc have you guys sort out a season where your character agrees to manage the covenant. Since there are five players, one player will not manage the covenant during the year. You can expect a story related to a flaw to happen concurrently with other events for the year. I'd like to more or less keep this order and rotate it through, so if you manage spring in year 1, you'll manage summer in year two and progress through until year 5 where you don't manage anything (20 seasons). As it stands right now, I have 15 story seeds involving my own ideas, and your story flaws. That leaves 5 seasons where I can drop in stories related to my overall arc for the saga.

Advancement is the stickiest thing I'm contemplating right now. Focusing on magus characters only, it is entirely possible, should a player wish it, that he may be involved in elements of stories in other seasons. Tracking advancement under those conditions is challenging at best. Part of me wants to go with an annual advancement model where players pick 3 things to do during the year, and everything gets resolved at year end. This way, I have only one character sheet to track per player. This nerfs things a couple of things, though. The two keys being item creation and spell invention/learning. Arts and abilities probably aren't a HUGE deal at present character development levels. If you would normally be able to create an item, prepare it for enchantment and invest effects desired in three seasons, the item would be fully created at year end. If you are increasing an art, so as to increase your LT to learn spells, all that would be accomplished at year end. This is a bookkeeping (and sanity keeping) issue, more than anything.

For grogs and companions I will go with an annual advancement model and allocate xps to them at the end of the year, it's just easier bookkeeping since many of them will end up in stories throughout the year, and as zlorfik had suggested, their advancement in abilities, isn't usually so vast as to make a huge contribution in stories. More than likely if it would've made a differene for a companion, a Confidence point could've been spent to achieve the same result.

Have at it...

I'm in the Central timezone, just outside of Chicago and can pretty much post every day. However I'll be on an extended vacation starting 8/29 for two weeks where I likely will not have much access to the internet and probably no access to books (taking a Norwegian cruise).

Season preference?
This is also an example of why I want to break up story telling like I am. Vacations (except mine) won't bring everything to a grinding halt.

Considering the vacation, maybe I should start with a late season (unless I'm misunderstanding your intent) like Autumn or Winter.

The season doesn't matter. What one magus does in the spring won't likely affect what happens in a later season. Your character's temperment has more to do with the decision of which season they'll manage.

The only impact I see your vacation as having is on holding the initial welcome council meeting where all this gets sorted out in character, and decisions as to which resources which magus expects to use. As long as we can determine your character's preferences now, and all the players agree to it, we can resolve the first council concurrent with the seasonal stories taking place. Does that make sense? This also makes getting the build points for covenant creation sorted out very important, too.

I can see your magus character getting called into multiple stories throughout the year, so you're one I had in mind for the annual advancement model. What do you think of that?

That would sound great.

As for Season preference then (since the vacation shouldn't impact it) Spring. He's a bit of a go-getter, I can see him arriving and starting right away to focus on making the place organized and defensible, it would be his initial priority.

I plan to be posting about once per day. As I think is normal for pbp, some days I'll have a lot of time and want to post heaps; other times I might have to miss a day. But basically 1/day sounds about right.

I'm in East Coast USA time-zone for the foreseeable future.

Thinking about the characters we have, it seems to me that it might be best to leave Iosephus till last, or nearly last - he has, as I've said, been living alone in a cave for most of the last three decades, and thus lacks any experience whatsoever in managing a large enterprise like a covenant, balancing the competing interests of others, dealing with grogs, and so forth. (And, let's face it, he's likely to be pretty bad at it, at least at first). So he's likely to be a better manager if he gets a chance to settle in first. That will be a big enough adjustment for him to start with, I think,

(Plus Apollodorus seems like a sensible, practical Jerbiton type who isn't going to be eager to turn his covenant over to the crazy Criamon right away, even just for a season. But maybe by the time six months or a year passes, Iosephus will have earned his stripes a little in that regard. Just a thought.)

All the other stuff you're saying about running all the seasons simultaneously, and then calculating xp at the end of the year, sounds good to me.

  1. Posting frequency: Prolly wont be able to post daily, the asked for "2-4 times per week" should not be a problem. How detailed those posts are gonna be if i participate in 5 different stories is another matter. So i will prolly refrain from playing a grog in every story and concentrate on my magus and my companion for a start to see how it goes.

  2. Location: Since my location is a bit cryptic i should elaborate: Mogontiacum is the roman name of Mainz, a state capital of germany.

  3. Covenant management: No preferences but right in the middle (autumn in the first year) seems to be still available so i take that.

Advancement like described sounds good to me!

Someone was going to have to sit out the first year. And your character is a prime one to do that. In years where a character doesn't manage the covenant for a season, I'll trigger story flaws. It's a bit artificial but...that's the best way to make it work. Since your story Criamon's story flaw is Visions, I can intertwine that as an excuse to have you get to know the covenant, and be ready to manage it come the spring of 1221.
Just throwing that one out there.

Sounds great to me!

I can almost always post probably multiple times a day. Work schedule is usually 4am to some time before noon, which gives my afternoons free. There may be times (like today) when I have to do all my posting at once, but that grates on me :laughing:

Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA

I don't have a "I have to rule during blah season" thing, but ideally I would like Fiona to manage the covenant during winter...I expect her to spend a good part of the first year (when she's not setting up her lab) getting her garden up and running...which would be planting, growing, and harvesting maybe.

I think we're getting close to starting. I know there might be a few companions missing, but that alright and can be sorted out overtime. If Mad Max has a factor, or whatever the Verditius term is for one who sells his magical items to the mundane world, it's certainly reasonable for him to come along later. Who's missing a companion and player for that companion? I'd like to kinda get that nailed down a bit. I know there's been PM'ing back and forth, but I'd like to have a listing of that.

As it is, we're just missing a few build points from a couple of people, and once I get those I'll be opening up a prelude thread (which might end up taking a long while due to qcipher's vacation) where the players can be introduced and we'll also begin the seasonal threads where the characters start to get to know the covenant.

If each player could list their Magus by name and then the name of their companion and player who's running that companion below, I'd appreciate it..

I don't have a companion yet for my magus and haven't started making a companion yet. I figured I'd be doing that today.

Player: Westerhaven

Magus: Iosephus ex Criamon

Magus' Companion: An as-yet nameless friend who connects Iosephus, the weird mystic, back to worldly things, sometimes in a rather troublesome fashion. Played by qcipher, if he still wants to role.

Companion: Shield-companion to Fiona ex Miscellanea. A highland swordsman, normal-sized but raised in a clan of giants. He actually serves Fiona's Giant patron, due to a curse.

Yes, I am making Iosephus's Companion, I'll send an IM in a bit with a bit more on what I'm thinking.

Magus: Fiona ex Miscellanea
Fiona's Companion: played by Jonah
Companion I'll be playing: Wilhelm the Woodsman, Companion to Silviatos

I'm not sure who was going to play my companion, though I pitched a decent idea.

By the bye, how many xp do our grogs & companions get for 1220? (And is it going to be a set amount every year, or does it vary?)

So 30 for those who are stated out. Any who went on adventure get their awarded adventure xp.

I'd like the new players to give serious thought to companions. Either companions to other Magi or companions who might be useful to the covenant.

And, we have a companion that's been abandoned by the player, Ivor[1], who is close to Fiona. If you think you'd like to give him a play, let someone know. Companions (and grogs) can be involved in multiple stories per year, if someone wants to play a character that much.

[1] Some things about Ivor can be reworked to suit the player taking him on. He should be beholden to the clan Fiona's from, though. Beyond that, I don't have an objection to him being retconned a bit.