Samira El-Idna

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An educated lady, around 45 years old. She was married by force to an old and sick merchant when she was very young. After the death of her husband, she took for her his trading road. Her story lead her a long time ago to the covenent. On first time, she worked just as contact until a member discovers her magical sensibility and made her a companion


  • Samira El-Idna was married by force with an old merchant when she was under fifteen.
  • Her husband dead three years later before she gave him a child. She took his trading road at this time. This road is between the oasis close the covenant and some great cities.
  • Two years later, when she came with some informations about some antic ruins, the members of covenants discovered her magic sensitivity and made her as a companion.
  • Since this time, she serves the covenant as contact with the real world, as merchant dealing for essential resources and as intellengia collecting informations about the mondains, ruins and other things, at their request.
  • She lost an ear during an attack of beast.

Samira is a arab lady like many others, a mate skin, black eyes, brown hairs. She wears ample colored dresses and a veil who covers her hairs and, essentially for her, her ear missing.

covenflok (free, social), merchant (free, social), priviliged upbringing (minor general), magic sensitivity (minor, supernatural), educated (minor, general), strong-willed (minor, general), ways of the town (major, general)

continence (minor, personality), noncombattant (minor, personality), ability block (martial) (minor general), missing ear (minor, general), supernatural nuisance (major, story)

I'm starting with this, adding some more details about her background and a first choice of virtues and flaws.

I have some more questions to continue. Which range of years for her birth, if I stay on 45 years old lady ? It's okay for these flaws / virtues ? How much point for her development post-childhood ?

Is there a reason you refrain from maxing your V&F? Even upgrading a Personality Flaw to Major can give you 2 more Minor Virtues to use. You can use that for Well-Traveled, and maybe something like Affinity or Puissant for Bargain, or add a Major Flaw, and take Wealthy, so she has three seasons free.

This is a suggestion and in no way mandatory, but if you think the companion would be actively involved with ruin exploration, you might want to consider adding the skill Profession Seeker to your skill list (See Lands of the Nile p.24). This is something we're able to let you develop more as I have a strong skill book on, if you're interested. If, on the other hand, you see the character as primarily a merchant, you may want to focus on that instead.

Here, I would ask the GM whether the covenant would have given a longevity ritual to its companions or not. Without a potent longevity ritual, I would suggest being careful with how old you want to start, so that the character stays in the game longer. The covenant's location is, iirc, an unhealthy one. This would mean you would potentially get an aging point every two years past 35.

Essentially because the two personnality flaws I took don't have major version on the core book. If Silveroak accept that they are on major instead of minor, I will take it for sure.

@temprobe : she's a merchant who find ruins and other antiquity for magi, not a seeker or an archeologist. Her role is more collect information that do the work after.

And yes, for the longevity. ^^

@silveroak : so, two more questions. Do you accept that "continence" or "noncombattant" are a major personnality flaw instead of a minor ?
About aging, may I consider that covenant payed a longevity ritual to the companion or it's a natural aging ? If they didn't, maybe can I start at 35 years old, so more than 10 years as companion.

It would probably be better to start at age 35.

@silveroak Do we let this character on suspend or may I play her and Tastheus ?

First you need to make the character, playing a companion and magus at the same time is certainly acceptable.