Sanctum rights - and where to find them?

Oddly I can´t find a description of sanctum rights or even sancta in the 5th ed rulebook. Is this because magi are not supposed to have sancta anymore? (I hope not - It would be hard to imagine)

Is there a specific wording of the sanctum rights anywhere (like the Code itself)?

How extensive are the sanctum rights - are you allowed to strike down any trespasser without fear of tribunal repercussions?

From where do the sancta rights claim their authority: the Peripheral Code or the individual Covenant charter?

Are sancta rights limited to a magas living quarters and laboratory or could a travelling magus inscribe a sanctum marker on a travelling chest - thus granting him legitimate right to strike down any other magi who opened that chest?

There is a large chapter in HoH:True Lineages about this terms. :slight_smile:

can't recall off hand...

Yup. you're well in your rights to smite anyone who enters. Quasetors are supposed to be able to enter...but they need a very good reason or risk being smote. They're supposed to beable to enter a tytali's sanctum at will to check fer demonic practices...But it's very possible if they were smote doing so it would only be a minor slap on the rist to the tytalist

Code I beleive...serfs parma

good question...not sure sanctum rights would apply, but markings such as covanants do with vis sources should work. So you may not beable to give an immediate beatdown, but you could take it to tribunal

The sanctum rights come from the periprial code. It was decided that anyone who enters a magus' sanctum uninvited is certainly up to no good and therefore the magus can premptivley act in self defense so to speak.

In addition to the discussion in covenants I believe that there are tribunal ruleing exerpts in HoH True Lineages and WGRE (for fourth edition).

There are also periphrial ruleings stateing that (in some tribunals) a magus can designate anyplace that htey are staying as a sanctum, but they can not posses more than one sanctum at a time (this may vary from tribunal to tribunal).

Come to think of it, if you join the, more or less defunct, Lex hermeticum yahoo group you can find a collection of all of the published periphrial code rules current as of about 2002. I remember that some good soul had typed them up for us.

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Here's the places in ArM5 which tell what the Peripheral Code says about Sancta:

ArM5 p.103 (rough but clear description),
True Lineages p.46f (just a rephrasing),
Covenants p.103ff (also not much more).

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With a chest or some such, you can inscribe your house symbol on it. Anyone going into is chargable in Tribunal...but he doesn't forfeit his rights....