Sanity Check: Opening the arts and Supernatural Virtues

If a Gifted indivudual who has Mechanica of Heron (Major Supernatural Virtue) with ability 1, and no other supernatural virtues, then the InVi total necessary to open the arts and preserve the Virtue is 62 not 60?


Is there somewhere other than pg 107 of the core rules where this is described? According to those rules, you need to have an InVi lab total of at least 30 and at least 5 * total ability scores to preserve the Major Supernatural virtue. So I would think it would simply need 30?

You'd need 60.

It's 5* ability score (with minor virtues treated as having a minimum score of 2 and majors a minimum of 6) to destroy the virtue and open the arts.

You need double that to keep the virtue, so you need 60.

Thanks KingReaper. I see now where it says that.

But I was unsure whether the +1 per rank in ability stacked with the base +30 (and then double both)


Nope, it's +5 per rank of ability, but that only applies if the ability score is over 2 (for a minor virtue) or 6 (for a major virtue)

You're probably thinking of the rules for teaching supernatural abilities, where it's +1 per rank in ability.

Aha! thank you.