Sardigna Chronicle, Website

Currently running Broken Covenant of Calebais, with a few additions here and there, The History section needs updated with our last session, but this is what I have made for the group so far. Just thought I would share it.

Anyone in Austin Interested in Joining up, contact me here.


Looks nice :slight_smile: Seems like you got an overeager flambeau there! :laughing: Sad to see a fellow follower of the flame go, but reading his death comments it seems he must have been a jerk :laughing:

best wishes for your saga from Carnac covenant :slight_smile:



I am interested in joining, depending on circumstances (meeting times and such)... I am in the process of finishing my degree in Paramedicine, and time is at premium. But please feel free to PM or email me, I'd love to play.

Nice website! I hope everyone enjoys Calebais. I enjoyed reading your account of the story so far.

Thanks for the kind words about the site, we have had another session since I posted it, so I will update the history as soon as I get a chance to compile it all.

Great looking website. I'm curious what software you used to generate the manor house graphic, and the "exploration" map? (or is this the map from the module?)


The maps are those of calebais, but I think he must have generated them himself since I have never seen them online before.


Updated the History, with the second to the last recent session, Need to add the Hrool negotiations to the next entry, but I managed to get most of it compiled from the players.

Small too the point charter added to the Covenant page also.

Minor cosmetic changes, Menu Icons changed sized to smaller for smaller browser resolutions.

Chat works, I get on it every now and then, if I am there, say hi, trying to find a nice script for dice, for a dice log/server/Roller to add to the bottom of the chat script, so that some of our sessions can be played out online, so far no luck with such a script.

And as for the maps of Calebais I found them online, at another Covenant website, they are much better detailed than the new maps, and look pretty nice, no offense to those map makers, for the new 5th edition, but I like these better.
Scroll down a ways, near the middle of the site to see the maps.

Anyways, it looks like we might be getting to more players to the game, so that should be great, we have a session planned for the Sunday evening. So I will make sure to take notes so the History does not get left behind.

Oh and Critique/flame/etc. the site all you want, I love the input even negative if thats your thing.

I have been having a blast compiling all this info, in one place for our group.

oh btw, The Manor house Graphic, was snatched from Wizards of the Coast Map a Week archive from there website, cropped and Inverted to match the scheme of the website. It looks great doesn't it. A link to the archive can be found here.

Its somewhere in there, along with tons of other maps that could be used with Ars Magica.

Starting the session for tonight, right now, keeping a log of the game for updating the site. Should have it posted later tonight after the game. Storyguide this round has a nice side plot for the group to get us some resources, before our exploration into Calebais.