Scene 10: Closing Credits

Stirring euphoric music for the end credits - the instrumental middle 8 from Hysteria by Muse

[i]Helicopter camera leaves the scene at the Thomas residence, and as the shot widens the ambulances are visible winding their way through the street.

Then the camera moves to show Hong Kong island, as seen from here above the New territories.

The next day, Superintendent Richardson is in his office. He lifts us Mingxia Thomas' case file, and stamps is 'closed'. Then, he reaches for the tatty file on the shopkeepers' daughter and, with evident satisfaction, stamps that one 'closed', too.[/i]

Fade in on Ming Shi in her lab at HQ. On the table are the bagged pieces of evidence from the case, which she's packing into an evidence box. She picks up the shell of one of her used custom loads with a satisfied smile, then tosses it up into the air. The camera follows its rise and fall as it tumbles end over end in slow motion, then Ming grabs it out of the air. The camera re-focuses on her face, as she breaks into a huge grin, then it fades out.

[i]Fade in on Nic, sitting behind an ornate wooden desk with Sanskrit symbols burnt deeply into the dark legs. A tiny incense burner near the desk lamp sends grey wisps of smoke into the air. He sips from a steaming mug on the desk, and makes a face. Quick shot of Arthur at the doorway, saying, "Drink it all. It'll help," then stepping out.

Nic puts down the mug and smiles, and we get a shot from his POV as he looks down on the borrowed photo of Mingxia and Sarah, also both smiling.

Nic stands, and walks over to look out the window as the camera pans up behind him. The camera pauses, then floats past his head to his POV again, as he looks out over the city of Hong Kong at sunset.[/i]

[i]Fade in on Ken Huang at his desk, feeling good for the first time in months, as he finishes the last of his paperwork. He for one is glad this goddamn case is over.

But as he gazes at the photo of Sun Meiying on his desk, the brilliant smile that once lit up the room gracing her face, Huang closes his eyes in bitter memory. He and the others have won this battle, but the greater war is still going on, a war that for him began with her death and that of his last team. There would always be more people and beings willing to use the forces of the supernatural to hurt people, and Huang knew it wouldn't be long before the next major case got dropped into their laps.

He gazes out upon the sunset as we get another view of the Hong Kong skyline. [/i]

[i]As the music reaches a rousing conclusion...

It's a sunny day in the park and and old, bearded man is sat on a stool next to a handcart. The cart is filled with little stoppered bottles and twists of powder, advertised as authentic Chinese remedies. Sarah Suen walks away from the cart, waving at the old man, who smiles back before removing a postcard from the front of the cart that reads 'Apprentice wanted'.

Sarah walks over to a bench where Mingxia is sitting. Mingxia puts away a leaflet she was reading, titled 'Careers in the Police Force', and the two of them walk arm-in-arm towards an ice-cream van.[/i]