Scene 3: Genecon-By-Angel Factory

[i]The factory is an ultramodern facility sitting on the outskirts of the industrial estate. The euphonious name is explained by the large marble statue of an angel placed in the grounds just outside the main entrance. The cherubim stands with one arm upraised, grasping a trident.

The reception area is super-minimalist, with all the furniture made of clear plastic. Two severe-looking assistants are perched on exquisitely-designed chairs behind a desk comprised of expensive-looking LCD displays. Large abstract paintings adorn the walls as ostentatious displays of the profitability of the business.

The secretaries look up as Soo-lin enters.[/i]

Soo-lin: Good afternoon sir. I'm the ISO14000 compliance officer for Tseung Kwan O New Town. My records show that you have recently changed working practise and therefore I need to determine that you are still not liable for the variable percentage unit subsidy tariff tax endowment negative, according to the recent change in the by-laws.

The receptionist nearest to Soo-lin gives her a blank look.

Receptionist: Just one moment, please.

She taps away on an ergonomic keyboard for a few moments.

Receptionist: I should have a reply shortly.

Walker: Oh, and even though you have an ergonomically designed keyboard, you should make sure you sit square on to the desk - I can tell by the slight wear on the right side of your keyboard that you must sit skewed most of the time.

Ahem. Erm. Yes. Sorry.