Scene 6: Tuen Mun Hospital

[i]The sounds of a crèche waft through an open window into the casualty department. Nic is propped up in a bed while a doctor is wheedling the bullet out of his shoulder. Ming Shi and Huang are sat on cheap plastic chairs nearby, anxiously watching.

Nic got priority treatment, through police connections. The doctor wants him to stay in overnight.

A voice rings out over the tannoy.[/i]

Tannoy: Inspector Huang, please come to the casualty reception desk. You have a phone call.

Huang is snapped out of his anxious anticipation by the loudspeaker calling his name. He shakes his head in disgust.

Huang: Knowing my luck, that's probably Richardson. I am so going to get it...

He turns to Ming. There's still a bit of concern on his face.

Huang: You stay here and keep an eye on him. Let me know immediately if there are any changes in his condition.

Ming gives a half-hearted salute in the general direction of Huang's back as he leaves to find the phone.

You know Nic, you were right back in the car. This DID shake me up a bit. I guess people handle it in different ways ... Huang curses and makes with the bluster. I start thinking about how just a few inches is the difference between me sitting here with you in the hospital ... or me sitting vigil next to your casket.

An impish grin suddenly crosses Ming's face, as she declares in a sing-song voice ...

Ming: "Dammit Nic, I'm a doctor, not a gunfighter!" A doctor of mechanical engineering, that is ... or will be soon enough!

Huang weaves his way through the nurses towards the phone. He overhears a snatch of conversation:

Nurse: -said there was no-one there but them. Pretty dodgy if you ask me-

[i]She notices Huang walking past and promptly stops talking.

At the desk, there's a receptionist holding a phone to her shoulder, seemingly waiting for Huang.[/i]

[i]Huang grimaces at what he just overheard. He's used to people being weirded out by the aftermath of a lot of the gunfights Section 44 gets into, but it still rubs him the wrong way. Knowing his luck, they're probably thinking of calling Internal Affairs.

Without another word, he holds his hand out for the phone. If Richardson's on the line, he's going to have some explaining to do...[/i]

Richardson: Huang, are you there? Why have you got your mobile switched off?

Richardson: I just got word from despatch- there's some kind of disturbance over at the Thomas place. You guys need to get over there right away.

Nic: Man, I could go for a Wibbly Burger sundae right now!

Instead he pops another stick of ginseng gum, and waits for Huang to come back. Nic's sure Richardson's not gonna like their current situation, but at the same itme he's optomistic that something's about to turn up in the case. The supernatural beasts they faced wouldn't have been used against them if they weren't on the right track.

Huang shakes his head in disgust. If something's happened to Aaron and Yunru...

Huang: Made. Just when things couldn't get any worse. We're on it.

And with that, Huang hangs up and then marches straight for Nic's room.

Huang: Ming! Mr. Thomas is in trouble! We need to move! Nic, are you up for walking?

  • Made - F***.

Nic: Walking, sure. Volleyball, not so much.

Nic grimaces and pulls his long-sleeved shirt back on over the bandages.

Nic: I have a pain prescription from the doc, but if we can swing by an apothecary on the way to the Thomas residence, I have a few concotions of my own I can whip up instead.

Nic heads out the door, following Huang and Ming Shi to the car.

[i]A nurse waves a discharge form at Nic as he gingerly limps out of the hospital. There's more whispering behind raised hands and shaking of heads from other staff.

The doctor's treatment gives Nic back 10 WP.[/i]

Ming: Heh ... paperwork. That would be HIS department

Ming grins as she points meaningfully at Huang, and then turns to help Nic out the door.

Huang rolls his eyes as he follows them out. Typical Ming.

Huang: I'll fill that out later. We've got work to do.

Nic suddenly swings back towards the nurse, giving one of his most suave smiles.

Nic: How silly of me to forget the paperwork! Here, I'm not so injured that I can't jot my name...

Nic takes the pen from the nurse, and with his unhurt arm, manages to scratch something on the form, if a good inch below the correct line. Ming can see that the squiggly name looks more like "Mig Ginek" or something similarly unintelligible, but at least it's taken care of.

Nic: So, team, where to next? Sarah's? Back to the garage? I know we technically fled the scene earlier, but despite being attacked by paper and bricks, we didn't really find out anything more than we knew before we were savagely beat up. And shot. Twice.

Nic raises an eyebrow and looks sideways at Huang... in jest.

Nic: And if I get ahold of a piece of one of those beasties we fought, I may be able to find out more about who created or controled them. So, what's our next move?

Huang: There's a disturbance going down at the Thomas residence! We need to get over there NOW!

Nic blinks rapidly and shakes off the effects of the morphine for a moment.

Nic: Oooooh, riiiight. The dude's house we were at earlier. I remember a phone call and something about a disturbance, now that you mention it. Good thinking, Huang!

Nic, a little loopy from the drugs, tries to pat the detective on the back, but he stops halfway through the movement as pain shoots up the injured limb. He settles for a genial nod of his head, then follows the other two out to the sedan.

As the crew reach the sedan, Huang takes the shotgun seat. He takes his shades out of his inside pocket and puts them on, taking a moment to compose himself for the task at hand. He hopes to hell that this disturbance isn't the kind that he thinks it is, because although the Mossberg in the trunk is itching for some bad guy ass to kick, he's concerned about Aaron and Yunru getting caught in the crossfire -- and his luck in a gunfight hasn't exactly been the greatest lately.

Ming fires up the engine, and they're off with a screech of tires ...