Schticks in Type Listings, Confused

So I'm working on a general make-your-own-Type system for character creation, and while reading through all the Types a number of times, I realized a lot of them are really unclear and confusing.

The Big Bruiser for example has a Unique Schtick, but has no normal "Schticks:" field telling how many he has, but there IS a Quick Schtick Pick listing - does that mean he has a weapon Schtick, or two, or none? Why is their a Quick Schtick Pick if there are no Schticks listed where that entry goes, on most other Types? Same with Journalist - he has a Unique Schtick, but there's nothing that says "Schticks:", yet there is a Quick Schtick Pick listing weapons... what does this MEAN?

Same with Karate Cop, while the Killer has an entry that says "Schticks: 5 gun schticks" and the Quick Schtick Picks lists a bunch of weapons, like I expected to see.

The Martial Artist is another problem entirely - it says "Schticks: 3 Fu Schticks", which is fine, so I look at the QSP area, which lists Fu Schticks - but then it lists "Weapons:" and nunchaku - is that a Fu Schtick too, or a free weapon Schtick or what? I am not getting this setup.

Hi there,

I can't be sure without the rulebook (I'm at work), but I think that the listings under 'Quick Schtick Pick' includes an 'equipment' list and it's just the wording thats slightly confusing. For instance under the Journalist (nabbed from the website) it says....

Quick Schtick Pick:
1850: pistol
Cntp.: Makarov

As far as I understand it, this is just to save you time if you want to get straight into play. The Journalist still only has one actual 'Schtick' and thats his unique contact type schtick.

So if you played a Journalist from the 1850 juncture and went with the quick schtick pick, you'd only have the one schtick :slight_smile: Weapon-wise you'd have single pistol (better make it a good one).

Does that make sense/me explain bad/me talking rubbish?


Thanks for the response! I did not understand that the QSP listed not just schticks but also weapons to be chosen - so the weapons in the list are not actually Schticks to be taken, but what is available to that Type as a starting weapon. I don't recall seeing this explained anywhere in the book so that angle is new to me but I can see it being the correct explanation - it just seems sloppy I guess. But ok I think I understand now, good show. =)

Well more of a suggestion of starting weapons. Just like the Schticks listed there for the types who get a choice of schticks are just suggestions.
Hope it helps