Scion of Bonisagus?


One of the players in my campaign will portray a descendant of Bonisagus and Trianoma (remember the kid they had, the one that fled their cozy Alpine cave?). Anyway, I'm thinking Mythic Blood, but what kind of Magical Focus and Personality Flaw would fit? Any suggestions?


Just my two pence:

Personality flaws: Driven, higher purpose... both of which seem likely candidates to me.

Magical focus... hmm... on that I'm drawing a big blank.. sorry.

Magical focus...original research

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Sorry, folks - no focus on lab activities. I'd go for 'exotic magic' like the line of Pralix (at least as long as there is no member of that lineage in the troupe).

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Inventive gernious would better reflect his innherited abilities IMO, but hey. After all, this guy has no idea about hermetic magic or the order at large (he fled the cave, remember?) so he is unlikely to have adopted a staunch support for the OoH IMO....


That may be cannon but thats really just a set of guide lines, he's not really of the order (ran away) and it's still pretty restrictive (can make the stuff easier but can he use it? how soon will he go into final twilight with all the extra warping?). If it works better for the stories your planning than go with it

I thought I'd change the Minor Magical Focus that comes with Mythic Blood with Magic Sensitivity. He already got Driven, and Twilight Prone. Higher Purpose would be a good Personality Flaw, I think. :slight_smile:


That wasn't their kid, it was Trianoma's sister per True Lineages pages 6-7.

Not that you shouldn't change it for your game.

That's what they tell you... As it is too embrassing for them to admit they had a child and she ran away asap... :smiling_imp:

Check out the Story Seeds on page 6. They had a son, who fled at the age of five. That's the story I'm going to build on. :slight_smile:


Look at that, there is a legend about a kid as well. Whoops. Sorry

What a coincidence. I've had a few thoughts on this very issue and wondered if such a character wouldn't have some kind of Mythic Blood power relating to magical protection.