Scions of Nathas - The end and lessons to be shared

Salve Sodalis

My long running non-cannon world game Scions of Nathas has come to a close and I thought this an opportune time to share the tremendous amount of stuff generated for it with the forums who after all have helped me with rules queries, discussed settings and generally helped develop the setting.

My players and I created a wiki to record our game and it can be found here

Apologies if you find ideas that were used or art that you created on there, none was for commercial gain and if we used it, it was because it was awesome.

Although my setting was non-cannon and rather high fantasy, I hope that some of the items, spells, NPCs, storylines and so on are of some use to other storyguides.

The saga ran for several years and has had a whole bunch of players and PCs. My hat is doffed to them all for their contributions.

My main goal when designing this campaign was to make a high-magic Ars setting and put into it some of the classic fantasy tropes. The houses and order were out, and the magical traditions, magical weapons and colonisation of a new setting were in.

Any comments more than welcome.