Scribarius Ex Miscellanea

for further discussion of the advancement of this character.

at the point of posting this the character is only at the end of apprentice time. Will have him to advance more years after a check by Silveroak.

The stop here is also necessary because I want to go down the Order of the Green Cockerel initiations with him.
Edit: So I also would like to know how Silveroak want to handle The Toad (gain Planetary Magic), The Green Kings (gain Unaging) and The Peacocks (gain Hermetic Alchemy) initiations and how old the character should be for each. (The White Swan initiation is skipped because he got this virtue as normal Hermetic virtue)

brownie blood gives a +1 to all professional abilities, not a sympathy with tools- you seem to be referring to the faerie God benefits.
aside from this detail the character is approved at apprenticeship

ohh right Faerie Blood only gives +1 to a existing Sympathy

Except for Faerie God Blood it does not give any sympathies, Strong/ Faerie Blood adds to the highest level one can go with Sympathies to be Warping score +1 or +3 depending on whether it's Regular or Strong Faerie Blood respectively. the Sympathies listed are merely suggested ideas common to those types of faerie blood.

whether it gives +1 to the sympathy or only +1 to the maximum value depends on how you gain the sympathy.

The Green Cockerel initiation suggestion for how to handle them pre game with Scribarius:

It sound like the initiation them self are done every 7 year in Alexandria what means it is best you place 1 single date when there is one so I can calculate the other dates from there.

The Toad: according to TMRE 46 is Quest for rare ingredients for pre build time it should convert to -20 exp. for the 2 seasons spend (Quest + Initiation) Initiation Script: travel far +3 Quest +3 sacrifice material +1 = +7 (Sacrifice is / are the rare ingredients)
The White Swan: skipped because Scribarius already have this Virtue. Beside that this Initiation must be a vow or something because the finding of the Shape or Material Bonus can only be done after get the Virtue from this initiation. *Initiation Script: travel far +3 sacrifice time +1 mystragogue time +3 =+7 * (mystragogue teach Magic Theory)
The Green Kings: For Scribarius I suggest replace Faerie Upbringing with Temperance, including the related personality, learn some basic social skills and once again spend 2 seasons aka 20 exp for the self discovery and initiation. Initiation Script: travel far +3 quest +3 sacrifices wealth+1 = +7
The Peacock: As this is the first inner circle Initiation I suggest a Vow of keeping the secrets of the order and work as mystragogue Initiation Script: travel far +3 vow +3 sacrifice time +1 = +7
The Unicorns: watch and guide mundane alchemist Initiation Script : travel far +3 second initiation after vow +2 sacrifice time +1 sacrifice wealth +1= +7

I aimed for +7 scripts as this cult have a focus on the number 7. Also I only worked out the first 5 initiations because I was already at it but will maximum go till Peacock (think I stop at the Green King), the every 7 year don't allow more with 25 years past gauntlet anyway.

first of all, initiations do not need to take place at the convention. However it is also quite clear that an amount of service is required beyond the mechanical requirements of initiation- for example toads are described as being largely lab assistants despite being full members of the Order.
secondly initiation levels will not be skipped, though if you already have a virtue a replacement that is not in the traditional list can be found.
Third a target of +7 script bonuses may not be practical- initiating a minor virtue requires a total of 15 for cult lore+presence+script bonus (no dice), which means a +7 bonus requires a presence+script bonus of 8, which would necessitate a presence of 3 and cult lore of 5, which is not something which is widely achievable. Higher script bonuses are going to be far more typical. Also as you advance through the ranks you will also need to gain additional abilities, allowing you to take roles of authority within the cult as well as act as a mystagogue. I think for toad a season of service to the mystagogue might as well be a part of the script since it will be required anyways, or more likely more than one season, though only one season qualifies as a bonus. Throw in one more quest as well for a total of +11 bonus. The initiate will also be required to act as a lab assistant for a higher level member of the order for a total of 7 season to receive initiation (one season counts towards the initiation)

The Toad: The initiate have to find a rare ingredient or alchemical literature (Quest +3) and give them to the mystragogue. The mystragogue teach the new initiate then philosophiae or a mundane Alchemical Formulae (Mystragogue time +3) before the initation (Specific Time & Place calculated by the Mystragoge +3) into Planetary Magic that need expensive materials provided by the initiate (Sacrefice Wealth). Script Bonus + 10 vs 15
The White Swan: The initiate have to serve as lab assistant to his mystragogue for 7 season (sacrifice time +1) and during this time the mystragogue have to teach the Toad Magic Lore (Mystragogue time +3). The initiate again have to find a rare ingredient or alchemical literature (Quest +3) to be initiated (Specific Time & Place calculated by the Mystragoge +3) into Vulgar Alchemy. Script Bonus + 10 vs 15
alternative initiation into Great Talisman (TMRE 89) with the same script in case Vulgar Alchemy is already known
The Green King: The initiate have to find 7 new material or shape bonus (sacrefice time +1) and have to do at last 1 quest to find "inspiration" for this (quest +3). Afterward the mystragogue teach the White Swan the Order of the Green Cockerel Lore (Mystragogue time +3) before Initiate the White Swan into Unaging. (Specific Time & Place +3) Script Bonus +10 vs 15
The Peacock: The Green King have go on a quest to overcome his unwohlesomeness (Quest +3) and purge him of material dross (sacrifice wealth +1). At the next Great Convocation at Alexandria (Specific time & place +3) The Green King take the Vow to never reveal the secrets of the Order to the uninitiated (+3 Ordeal). Afterwards The Green King get initiated into Hermetic Alchemy by a Pelican. Script Bonus +10 vs 15
The Unicorn: Now a member of the inner circle the Peacock have to find a new member for the Order (Quest +3) and accompany her/him trough the first initiation's (sacrifice time +1). (Past Ordeal +2) The new Initiate have to presented at the Great Convocation (Specific Time & Place +3) that The Peacock can be initiated into Lesser Elixier. Script Bonus +9 vs 15
The Pelican: One of the Initiates of the Unicorn have to become a member of the inner circle (sacrifice time +1) and The Unicorn have to guide 3 or more mundane Alchemist in their experiments or research through veiled hints and cryptic allusions to be Initiated into this secret. (3x Quest +3 =+9) (Past Ordeal +1) The Unicorn have to pay for the expensive material (sacrifice wealth +1) of the initiation into the major virtue of Philosophic Alchemy. (Specific Time & Place +3) Script Bonus +15 vs 21
The Phoenix: Beside be the earthly representatives of the order and the mystragogues for the inner circle (Sacrifice time+1) The Pelican have to do 4 alchemy related quests for The Phoenix (4x Quest +3 = 12). As usually the Initiate have to pay the expensive material cost (sacrifice wealth +1) for the initiation into the Great Elixier. Script Bonus +14 vs 21

Compared to the Order of the Green Cockerel in TMRE 45 I added a extra layer of mystragogue who needed to be Peacock but they are only personal responsible for 1 outer initiate in a master and apprentice relationship. How the script are build up till The Peacock "can" be gone trough in a matter of years but afterwards the Great Convocation that only take place every 7 years becomes important. The script difficulty is 5 for the outer circle initiations (done by The Peacock), 6 for the inner circle initiations (done by The Pelican) and 7 for the Master initiation (done by The Phoenix or founder).

I hope this fixes the issues you had with the first suggestion.
Edit: The reason I only used a script bonus of 7 in my 1st suggestion was also that in the Fraternity of Samons who also have a thing with the 7 special say that they use a script bonus of +7 in their initiation scripts (Box at TMRE 127).

I need to be clear here:

  1. I prefer that initiations happen in story rather than before. I have expressed this many times, though you may not have seen these statements
  2. The SG will determine initiation scripts, not the players. You may propose suggestions, but once I have stated what the requirements and scripts are, or adding new proposals is not appropriate.
  3. As I stated above, it will require 7 seasons of working as a lab assistant in order to recieve the toad initiation. Adding Mystagogue's time was not a part of this change.- the process to initiate as a Toad is 7 seasons of lab work (+1 bonus) 2 quests for rare ingredients (+6 bonus), travel to a specific place and time (+3) and sacrifice material (+1) for a +11 script. this may not be changed by the player

for the white swan level they will initiate puissant vulgar alchemy- I will work out the initiation later...

sorry I interpreted your critic on the initial suggestion that I should bring a reworked suggestion working in what you have written.
(Beside that I'm in the personal opinion that scripts where you only need pre + organization lore 4 + are unusual easy for the mystragogue who should have the organization lore at lvl 5+ )

the lowest level may be initiated by a begining mystagogue, and with the Green Cockrill, possibly someone of average presence. For puissant vulgar alchemy they may not have the virtue themselves, and will have a higher target number;
as noted he needs to have created 7 new shapes and material. Beyond this it will require 3 quests (1 season each), and material sacrifice, as well as exhibiting order lore of at least 2, and the mystagogue must invest one season.
Is he going to be able to start the process towards initiating to a green king before play begins?

Ok, sorry for all your work, I think the best will be that I remove luck + Puissant Organization Lore and instead add Planetary Magic + Unaging to the virtues of the character. This way we don't have to work out how to handle initiations pre game while I have the unaging I want to have. Because the Initiations of The Green Cockerel don't add flaws we then can continue with the actual initiations with The Peacock level next to do after start to play.

If you agree we still have to handle if and how the work at astronomic optimal times of Planetary Magic works together with the fast creating of magic items the Rustic have.

I'm sorry, but planetary magic is not something you can just take- it is not one of the common magics, unlike vulgar alchemy, so unless you have an initiatory group you can't simply have it.
Unaging is fine.

ok then I go with that and keep the lucky virtue. Will be interesting how his paren handle the mess when Scribarius comes to him in game to be initiated.

Is there a reason you didn't take cabal legacy in your character creation at guantlet? I allowed you to take Vulgar Alchemy because it was a common mystery, but if your parens was a member of the green cockrel then he likely would have initiated you in order instead...

I don't want to lose Major Story Plagued by Supernatural Entity (ArM 58) Samira, the ghost of his grandmother and a second Story flaw need agree from you.

The character still works as it was, I'll look over the newer revisions in the morning, but it is likely your parens is not a member of the Green Cockrill, though finding a member in the levant should not be a challenge.

okay, so revising the character at gauntlet as suggested, are you also changing his abilities beyond removing the +2 from organization lore for green cockril and order of hermes?