Scriocco of Mercere

for discussion and development of said character

So, as I am completely new, and know little about the story that this character would be involved with, the core concept would be a Gifted Mercere, who travels Mythic Europe making an account on all covenants, mages and trading with information that could be considered sensitive. Is this concept alright with the plotline of the Frostmourne covenant, or should I drop it for now?

Do you mean spying on your sodales? That's not going to go down well IC, but OOC I don't object.

Why do you want to do this? Because you thrive on secrets? Because you want to improve Hermetic theory? Your House would be better served by the larger number of unGifted redcaps, I think.

Well I aven't really thougth about the implications that this would bring, I conceptualised this character as a mage who is not very powerful in the Arts but could ascend to a more prestigious position by building a network of information and secrets and use that to help or hinder his sodales all through Mythic Europe, as well as with the use of a network of spies help against treaths coming from Mundanes or other magic users outside the Order.
These deeds wouldn't really serve a power of evil, it's more like industrial espionage, in the sense of the content of the sensitive informations.

Though this way only an idea on my part, if the plot would require an ungifted, normal Redcap, I'm more than happy to do just that, as it is, my main idea is a Tremere mage in the Transylvanian Tribunal, so this character is only a warm-up on my part to the Play-by-Post system and how the general setting feels and plays. If this character does not fit into the plot of the Frostmourne covenant, then I'll just drop it, and maybe use the idea later if the is a chance for me to do so.

From my point of view, the concept could make a lot of fun, but there are a couple of obvious obstacles.

  1. In Novgorod he will have a hard time, unless he has means of magical transportation, which would means some achievement in the arts. In the rest of Europe, he can make use of Mercere portals. In Novgorod most of his time would be spent on the roads.
  2. The redcaps and thus the House rely on discretion and trust. If it becomes known that a Mercere is spying on the sodales, or sell their secrets, it would do serious damage to the House. Can he keep his business secret?
  3. There is no obvious connection to the main plot of finding new mail routes in Novgorod. If he is adventurous though, he could easily volunteer for a mission to Frostmourn.
  4. You would have to find a tribunal to call home, and in most tribunals also a covenant. You do not need to spend any time there. Hugh, for instance, left his home in Normandy in 1195. It is now 1202, and he is in Novgorod, but still with his official residence in Normandy.

Of course, @silveroak may have different opinions.

A redcap could find a mercere house instead of a covenant, but aside from this the only other coment I would add is please don't make a mercere for a redcap concept just because you have a magus slot you can use. Mercere are supposed to be very rare, and really shouldn't be thrown out as a character concept "just because".

Alright then, it's gonna be a Companion character then, thanks for the input and the help, I'll soon put up the character sheet on the wiki for review.

I think that the character sheet is complete, but I don't know a lot about the rules of creating magic devices and enchantements that a redcap could get, and so I would like to ask for some help with those.

you have 9 points in flaws and 12 points in virtues...

I think I know what the problem is, the Redcap virtue isn't free, as the Gift is, so it costs 3 points, I'll correct that.