SCrying and Peering into affairs

The code prohibits scrying or peering into a wizard's affairs with magic.

The question is how would code deal with these situations:

  1. Maga is under faerie curse, could mages cast InVi to try to decipher and unravel that curse
  2. Could InCo be used to check on their health?
  3. What is the general rule about InCo for tending mages (both with and without their permission?)

On these boards (if not in canon) this prohibition has generally been interpreted as only regarding "intentional" scrying. Scrying in to a mysterious fog and discovering a Hermetic magus there is not viewed as a heinous act, unless you suspected he was there to begin with. Of course, if such went to Tribunal, "the truth" may be a matter of opinion, or of politics.

As far as curses and InCo, again, ~technically~, neither is kosher (unless you have permission - then it's all good). These start to fall under the category of one does not do casually. Either you know and trust the target, that they will appreciate your efforts and interest, or you just butt out.