Scylax ex Miscellanea



Scylax ex Miscellanea, Pralician
Male, 5'10", 160 pounds
Age 23
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score: 1 (3)
Casting Sigil: A subtle feeling of clarity and purpose/determination; items created/affected appear new, more vivid, even glossy.
Voting sigil: a small brooch in the shape of a beetle
Religion: Leans Pagan
Personality Traits: Humble +3, Gregarious +3, Friendly +2, Pragmatic +1
Reputations: None
Theban Tribunal Resident.

Str -2 Dex -2 Sta +2 Quik +1 Per +1 Int +3 Com +1 Pre +1

Comprehend Magic (Supernatural, Major) - Miscellanea virtue +0+

Minor Magical Focus with Exotic Magic (applies whenever the magus uses Hermetic magic to investigate, change, control or destroy non-Hermetic magic. It only applies to magic, not to the innate supernatural powers of creatures with Might, and only applies to powers derived from the Magic realm) - Miscellanea virtue +0+

Flawless Magic (Hermetic, Major) +3+ Core

Cautious with Concentration (Minor, General) +1+ Core

Affinity with Vim (Minor, Hermetic) +1+ Core

Affinity with Perdo (Minor, Hermetic) +1+ Core

Puissant Perdo (Minor, Hermetic) +1+ Core

Skilled Parens (Minor, Hermetic) +1+ Core

Inoffensive to (Magical) beings (Minor, General) +1+ HoH: Mystery Cults p. 86

Independent Study +1+ HoH: Mystery Cults p. 86



Weak Magic Resistance (Hermetic, Major) against any spellcaster whom the magus has not analyzed using his Comprehend Magic Ability -0-

Difficult Longevity Ritual (Hermetic, Major) -3- Core

Study Requirement (Hermetic, Major) -3- Core

Hermetic Patron (Minor, Story) -1- True Lineages p.108

Humble (Minor, Personality) -1- Core

Busybody (Minor, Personality) -1- Core

Bound Magic (Minor, Hermetic) -1- HoH: TL p. 108



Cr 2(3)
In 3(6)
Mu 5 (15)
Perdo 12+3 (78 =521.5)
Re 5 (15)
An 1(1)
Aq 1(1)
Co 1(1)
Ig 1(1)
Im 1(1)
Me 1(1)
Te 1(1)
Vim 12 (78 =52
Total = 150

Spells Known: 150 Spell Levels
Eyes of the Cat MuCo(An) 5 Quiet Casting/+9
Circle of Beast Warding ReAn 5 Mastery 1 Quick Casting/+9
Wizard's Leap ReCo 15 Mastery 1 Fast Casting/+9
Winter's Icy Touch PeIg 10 Mastery 1 Multiple Casting/+19
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10 Mastery 1 Penetration/+9
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+19
The Call to Slumber ReMe 10 Mastery 1 Multiple Casting/+9
Unseen Arm ReTe 5 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+9
Piercing the Magic Veil InVi 20 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+18 Core 25 (see the Criamon writeup)
Facilitate the Stifled Spell (Im) MuVi 10 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+20 HoH:MC 36
Facilitate the Stifled Spell (Vim) MuVi 10 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+20 HoH:MC 36
Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi 5 Mastery 1 Penetration/+30
Suleiman's Wrath of the Oath-Forsaken Jinni PeVi 5 Mastery 1 Penetration/+30 HoH: S 137
Unravelling the Fabric of Vim PeVi 5 Mastery 1 Unraveling/+30
Opening the Intangible Tunnel ReVi 15 Mastery 1 Resistance/+20

Born 1191
Childhood (Age 0-5) Social childhood
Charm (first impressions) 2
Folk Ken (nobles) 2
Guile (fast talk) 2
Native Language 5 (Romaic Greek)

Youth (Age 6-9) 60 xp
Concentration 3 (when casting)(30)
Awareness (Alertness) 1(5)
Area Lore: Caryandan Coast (Hiding Places) 1(5)
Brawl (Dodge) 1(5)
Charm 3 (15)

Apprenticeship (Age 10-23) 150 xp
Comprehend Magic (Magical Creatures) 2 (10 xp)
Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 1(5)
Magic Theory 4 (Vim)(50 xp)
Romaic Greek (Hermetic) 6 (30 xp)
Code of Hermes Lore (Theban Tribunal) 1(5)
Intrigue (Alliances)1(5)
Leadership (Inspiration)1(5)
O o O Hermes Lore (History) 1 (5)
Parma Magica (Vim) 1(5)
Profession: Scribe 1 (5)
Magic Lore (Traditions) 1(5)
Finesse (Casting quickly)1(5)
Penetration (Vim) 1(5)
Stealth (Sneak) 1(5)
Survival (Mountains) 1(5)

20 BPS to start with:
(4 BPs) 20 vis, divided as follows: 10 Corpus/2 Creo/2 Muto/2 Intellego/2 Perdo/2 Rego
•(8 BPs) The Bookstand of Hespera Lesser Enchanted Device (Covenants p. 121) 20
•(6 BPs) Lab Text Gentle Caress of Asclepius CrCo 30 (Societates p.100) -Classical Greek
•(2 BPs) Lab Text Words of the Unbroken Silence CrMe 10 -Classical Greek

Lysander was born in Constantinople, but he lived there only briefly, and remembers it not.
His father Alcides was a minor noble (with an obsession for Ancient Sparta) and an official at court who unluckily made an enemy of a lesser scion of the Angelos dynasty, uncovering an embarrassing diversion of funds. For this he was hounded, his lands confiscated, his titles stripped; his family fled the court, and through happenstance and a random storm, washed up with barely any possessions in the coast of Caryanda in Anatolia. Lysander witnessed the rapid disintegration of his family: the few servants left deserted them, his mother contracted a wasting disease, and father hit the wine jug hard, living in the past. Lysander grew ever closer to his two younger sisters, Chilonis and Arachidamia; few others wanted the company of the creepy little boy, even though he was friendly and charming...something was off. He managed to earn food and a hovel in which to rest by helping to keep an eye on a wealthy merchant's ships and warehouses. It was here that Katara ex Miscellanea, Pralician, of the Order of Hermes and indefatigable Seeker searching for ancient lore, found the Gifted child. She simply took him, and Lysander never saw his sisters again.

Katara was imperious, commanding, and wholly unquestionable. She returned to the Greek mainland and handed over Lysander, whom she mockingly called Scylax, after the famous explorer, to others, minions of House Mercere. Thus Scylax's world changed; an education that even in his former life would be impossible to achieve was handed to him. People were not as put off by his strangeness, and he made actual friends! He was humble and gregarious, always with the latest rumor, and he turned out to be fairly popular among the other Gifted children (his Gift did not bother them, and his outgoing personality facilitated ignoring other's a degree). He was bid upon in Tribunal 1200, and what do you know? Katara was the one who outbid the others. And such a tragedy, she recently had lost an Apprentice, to foul misadventure. Tsk tsk. Although she had a good reputation, nasty rumors still made the rounds. She surrounded herself with hedge magicians! She was a Seeker! In bed, literally, with the Witches of Thessaly!
Lysander tasted the utter depths of her cruelty, not so unlike a Tytalus. Katara was obsessed with omens and curses, and with integrating different hedge magic versions of them into Magic Theory, she saw it as a way to bind fate, and somehow break the Limits of Time. An expert in Mentem and Corpus, she experimented frequently on her youthful charge, and thereby twisted his Gift through the years; her magics prevented Lysander from seeking aid or telling others, or indeed disobeying her at all. Her first Apprentice had suffered through her first attempts, but she had not proved as resilient as Lysander would. Most of the time they were outside the Tribunal, exploring ruins, ancient libraries, raiding and interrogating lone magicians, often accompanied by a number of Witches, experts in the cursing. A very hazardous life. But it was better than the Lab Work, which was cruelty, torture and abuse beyond anything the young Apprentice could have conceived. Near the end of his Apprenticeship, Katara became even more preoccupied with her potential Breakthroughs, and organized an expedition to a secret necropolis in Ancient Egypt, where she hoped to enter a regio and find scrolls with ancient magics in them; Lysander thought she would also take this occasion to be rid of him, so he planned for a possible escape. The raid into the regio proved disastrous; it was not abandoned, as Katara believed, but was actually the temple of a small cell of cultists. Still, she was overwhelmingly more powerful than they, and would have quelled their assault but for a nasty Tuareg wizard that had been tracking them, also an expert in curse magics. They fought to a standstill, and she started to regain the upper hand. But many of her magics had been dispelled or weakened by the Tuareg magician, including Lysander's bindings, and her Apprentice, who had already been wounded by the cultists as he was compelled to fight them, took the opportunity and stumbled into her with a stone knife in hand and desperation in his heart. Her spine severed, her arms clawing weakly, she was set upon by the remaining cultists and their ghoulish minions, and thus ended her quest. Lysander managed to escape, as he already had a facility with Vim spells that gave his spent foes pause; it took him two months, but he eventually managed to stumble back upon Greek shores. He was interrogated by the Quaesitores, who kept their findings secret, and cleared of any wrongdoing (property of the parens and all that). The Tytalus approved!
A senior Flambeau and Cult of Mercury member, who was partially involved in the investigation, took a great liking to Lysander, and agreed to polish off the training required, but it was clear to all that the misadventure in Egypt had been a successful Gauntlet for the newly minted Scylax ex Miscellanea. The Flambeau was a history buff, and traced his lineage back to Ignes Nefandus and the Spider War in the British Isles (allegedly), so he was very amused at the irony of training and accepting into the Order someone from the lineage of Pralix.
Scylax met Christoforos of Meteora early in 1214, and accepted his invitation to join the new Covenant, if the vote passed. He has several reasons to join: his talents, such as they are, would probably best be appreciated in such a newly minted Covenant; the wilderness of the mountains of Greece offers many opportunities for Scylax to seek auras, vis, as well as magical beings and hedge magicians and ally with them, potentially; a way to keep an eye on these two shady Criamon and their project and report anything grave to his Hermetic Patron; and Scylax himself is interested in hearing more about Criamon philosophy, they seem nutty but have an inner peace that he desires.

Scylax was taught Comprehend Magic and the minor magical Focus of Exotic Magic by his parens Katara, cursed be her name, and is the legacy of legendary Pralix. As is the curse of Weak Magic Resistance to spell casters that he has not yet employed Comprehend Magic against. His compulsive and tortured training awoke a particular talent for casting formulaic spells with great skill (Flawless Magic) that his parens envied. Scylax is ashamed of his enormous talent with Perdo (Affinity and Puissant), he wonders if this a result of Katara's experimentation with his Gift. He cultivated his Affinity for Vim and some metamagic, as it was an area his parens did not forbid (now Co and Me, those where barely taught to young Lysander!). Ever since he was a child, Scylax's Gift did not bother those touched by Magic (Inoffensive to Magic Beings), and this is extremely useful and appropriate for his line; as well, he was able to concentrate with great success on any task set before him, despite pain, exhaustion, and distractions (Careful with Concentration). Both Katara and the Flambeau patron were better than average teachers, and thus Scylax enjoys the benefit of Skilled Parens. Still, much of his learning was done on the road, in exploration, by meeting people, getting dirty, hungry and tired (Independent Study).
Difficult Longevity Ritual and Bound Magic are flaws inflicted on him directly due to Katara's experiments on curses, trying to bind and manipulate someone's fate. Scylax knows his candle will only burn for a little while, and all his magical works will become dust and be forgotten. So he hopes to earn enough favor to buy/earn as potent a LR as he may to put off his repose for a long as he can in order to leave his mark in other ways.
Scylax is friendly, gregarious, intelligent, and quite charming, despite the Gift. Physically, he's rail thin, and unathletic, the results of a poor and sparse diet growing up and his dreadful apprenticeship. He knows he is not the world's greatest wizard and can at most aspire to competency, and is quick to praise and admire his sodales, whose works he feels are probably unreachable to him (Humble). And to inquire about their parens, their Apprentices, their family, and celebrate their triumphs. He is always up for a celebration or a meeting! (Busybody) A senior Flambeau of the Tribunal completed Scylax's Hermetic education and desires to steer him in the right path of course, so he seeks to aid him in many ways. (Hermetic Patron). Scylax finds it easiest to study Arts in the presence of the subject of study, so his lab will be spartan except for things that reflect his current interests. Study Requirement

Despite his openness, Scylax will be somewhat secretive about his studies and capabilities, and ultimate goals. His Weak Resistance flaw means he can be easily snuffed by other Hermetics if he's not very careful. Currently, he is searching for a solid familiar to aid him in his studies, and he is genuine about the Covenant's purpose of divining and protecting the magical secrets of Tymfi. He will explore and map auras, new vis sources, and magical allies, and collect vis. A saucy Vlach woman to marry, perhaps some village wise woman, is also on his agenda. Earning tokens through locating Gifted children and helping deal with hedgie/magical pest controversies is pat of the plan.

•Investigate/bind with Dikitos
•Investigate auras everywhere
•Investigate portal in Dodonna, ask if there's still an Oracle
•Investigate green door shop in Ioaninna, speak with Miklos about this - priority
•prepare for explorations with Arni
•create items/spells to detect scrying, create items that ward against magic beasts and faerie beings, and create some offensive spells
•find local practitioners of magic, reach out to them
•find suitable familiar - priority, but no vis! current PeVi 27 + MT 5 Vi + 3 Int + 5 Aura + 0 Lab = 40, so 30, 5, 5, 8 pawns. Rather PeVi 29 + MT 6 Vi + 3 Int + 5 Aura + 2 Lab = 45, difficult with no Library. Ideal would be 65, 30, 30, 5 but looks totally out of reach
•Investigate Arta for lacunae and find out where the Infernal is at its strongest. Also if there's a mystical reason for order to unstring bows. Map out Auras.
•Investigate site of former water witches covenant and whatever happened to them- ask Redcaps
•Investigate mystical fortress being built in Aoos
•Investigate Dragon Lake
•Visit Ex Miscellanea covenant


Scylax will use his Comprehend Magic on all the coven folk, the Companions, (except Maia, who is technically a Magus), he will attempt to find out the Aura, etc, throughout the year. He will avoid the Magi, obviously, he hopes to earn their trust so that they eventually allow him the 1 round scan. Within the Covenant he has a +5 (aura) to the roll, and this is something that does not require gestures, etc, he will try to be as relaxed as possible whenever he does this. If someone arrives at the Covenant who is not a magus (or does not claim to be so), he will also use this power on him/her as well. He wants to map the area pretty thoroughly of possible resources and will listen to the old women's tales about witches and such, and about legendary beasts (that may serve as familiars).

While totally relaxed and in his sanctum, Scylax will do once a month or so the following in this order:

•will cast on himself Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+19 totally silent and no gestures with Facilitate the Stifled Spell (Im) MuVi 10 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+20 (totally silent and without gestures, this is a - 10), Concentration roll of 9 with Int 3+ Concentration 4 and Careful Concentration.

•Will scribe a Circle in the floor big enough for himself to walk in circles, to create a Spontaneous R:Touch, D:Ring, T Circle Base 3 PeIm 15 effect so that sound cannot cross its borders. (PeIm 16 + Sta 2 + Aura 5 + 2 Ceremonial casting after Spring class +1 Vigorous gestures + roll)/2 . Might not get it on the first try.

•Rest to recover Fatigue

He will destroy the circle soon after he finishes the following routine inside it:

Within the Circle:
•Once a month or so, he will spont ceremonially while in his sanctum an Invisible Eye Revealed 10 R: Pers D: Conc T: sense of touch, within the aura he has (TeFo 15 + 2 sta + 5 Aura + 1 vigorous gestures +1 Vigorous voice +1/2 AL + roll)/2, extra levels go to higher base first, and then Duration.

•Rest to recover Fatigue

•Another task: Will try to collect arcane connections to important coven folk, hair is the most likely and inconspicuous; and then Spont cast later in his Sanctum in the Circle a CrVi 15 Base 10 + 1 Touch to move the expiry date up two steps (Magi of Hermes CrVi guideline p. 113). This moves it from "months" to "decades". He will pen little notes with nicknames he comes up with for each one, and year, and keep these in a nondescript box upon which he will cast Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+19 (silently with the aid of the MuVi Cast the Stifled Spell) every sunup/sundown as soon as he gets his Parma up, and which he will keep inside another box filled with uninteresting things.
Obviously only while at the Covenant!
To collect them he has Veil and Unseen Arm ReTe 5 Mastery 1 Quiet Casting/+9, though he has to be careful and do this from a distance, and while no Magi are present so that he isn't scrying.

He can't yet cast PeVi 15 spont to destroy Arcane Connections w/o losing Fatigue, so will only do so sometimes for important things Base 10 R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind

Year 1 report:
It is the first time Scylax has a place to call home. Situated in the middle of nowhere and far from humanity, it is non-the-less an impressive Covenant in an awe-inspiring locale. Though the huts and small buildings of the covefolk are shabby (almost primitive) the Rotunda itself is a marvel of magical engineering. The young ex-Miscellanea is quite impressed with the magical construction of the place, the precise architecture and the additional options for magical features left behind. Clearly Christoforos knew what he was doing (the rest of the new magi do not seem to grasp this or even care). Anastaj on the other hand seems more complex than most mages. Calm, kind and affable, this is clearly just a seeming. Scylax gets a first hand glimpse of how much a force of personality Anastaj is during his interactions and the trip they have together. Clearly the old Vlach is much deeper than he appears to be. One pattern he has is, once a month he disappears for two to three days and walks alone out in the mountain, even in the middle of winter. This seems to be a custom of his.
The covenfolk are a mixed bag, with racial differences in physical and social trait. All of them seem timid, clannish and suspicious of others, especially magi (except Raven and Anastaj, and they are in awe of Pavo with some jealousy mixed in). This makes it quite difficult for the young ex-Miscellanea to talk to them, let alone approach them. Most are just not inclined to talk to him in a friendly conversation and open up. This might be a problem, especially since he was trying to find more about legends on witches, beasts and weird occurrences. Magi on the other hand are as diverse as anything. Relations are good across the board, people are willing to be accommodating to each other (though Aristocles seems to be more self-concerned than most). His monthly habit of casting Insensible Eye Revealed reveals nothing.
During the year, Scylax is busy learning about his environment and the people in it. He 'maps' the covenant Aura as much as he can. It seems to be a constant, stable throughout the year with no fluctuations. Irregular in shape, filling most of the upper part of the ravine it is situated in, it is clearly centered on the large apple tree, reaching all the way to the top in a semi dome and extending to the edges of the cliff faces. Like a comet, it trails a 'tail' following the path down for a bit, then quickly tappers down in strength. The tail part extends quite for some length, covering a quarter the length of the ravine, where most of the apple trees are situated. Still Scyllax suspects it might seasonally extend for the entire length of the gulch or at least some times of the year. Three places are of particular note: A large mountain pine tree, on the entrance of the aura, just next to the path going up (right side). This one seems to be a focal point with a slightly higher aura than the surroundings (aura 3); a small weeping willow next to the dry gulch, some paces outside the Covenant (aura 3); and the big apple tree hill itself. There the aura is almost circular (aura 5) and centered on the tree itself, or more specifically just under it. Meticulous 'scanning' seems to indicate that there is something under it inside the hill, probably under or in the roots. Scylax scans for auras in the gorge too, when he can. The gorge is filled with magical energies (it has a magical aura from entrance to end) though it wildly fluctuates in places, or is even subsumed by other auras (mainly fae ones). Of particular note is the shadow places. There are too many places and auras to count, many of them with large or small regiones.
Scylax is also looking into people with his sight and gathering arcane connections. Habitual year round scanning reveals that almost none of the covenfolk have any magical properties. His cloaked and silenced forays under invisibility to... gather information and arcane connections have various effects: Right off the bat, in one of his earliest excursions, Scylax meets Anastaj by chance. The magus looks at him with his sky-blue eyes, mutters something to himself with a smile then leaves. Since then, when the ex-Miscellanea bumps into him invisible, Anastaj shakes his head and mutters, then leaves. It's clear the old man can see him, but doesn't say anything; The covenfolk gossip little. They are quite timid around the new magi, and concerned about them. They are loyal to Anastaj (or Christoforos) and fond of them in a personal way each. They are in awe and sometimes jealous of Pavo and kindly disposed to Raven; Scylax manages to get AC for Dimitris, the blacksmith and the carpenters, some grogs and head servants, Ioannes, ser Giorgos and Alexios; He avoid tangling with Maia; The problem arises with Miklos. It is impossible to track the man, and the few times Scylax had Mikos was too alert and wary. He has not managed to scan him completely (he does seem to have..something ) or take any connection to him.

The situation of the mountains is apparent. It seems that this whole season, the covenant is going to be locked in snow, with little contact to the outside world. Its a slow season pass, Scylax starts unpacking and tries to make himself comfortable with the surroundings.

Snow melts late. Despite that, blue bells bloom all over the apple hill despite the covering and frost. Some plants and trees inside the aura have an early greening start. Scylax takes lessons with Ioannes and is in the same class with Aristocles and Miklos. Despite the opportunity to 'see into' the cunning man, the occasional frowns of Anastaj on the situation makes it prudent not to. Aristocles on the other hand is very focused on what he does, chatting sparingly.
There had been some problems with a shipment, but the folk took care of it. Tales of wondrous beasts and dangerous of the night make the gorge sound intriguing (Scylax thinks Maia should have written a report or something). The newly arrived redcap was central to that rescue. Its good to have the certainty of mail (Scylax got a letter from his patron, a small slip of a note saying that they are aware of the situation and will be in contact).

Scylax goes on a trip to Delos. Many things happen during the trip and lots of encounter important to the young ex Miscellanea [see the appropriate Adventure]. The Bjornaer leave early for the north on some kind of errant, Raven is left behind for some time to manage alone. She seems competent and ,at your party's return, to have started several connections with the covenfolk.

Some people went to a local fair and had derailed into searching for tombs and such. Raven brings back an old comb (restored by her husband with help from the alchemist Alexios). Scylax is intrigued by it [see precious PM]. Adventure in Perama caves reveals a potential source of vis. Constructions stop for the winter season. Some kinds find a toppled, broken marble pillar of ancient times. The area is set off-limits to them, parents fearing the discovery. It seems to have been buried under the tree.
Scylax has a conversation about the green door shop with Miklos. His impression is that the man is uncommunicative, gruff and surprisingly quite suspicious of Scylax. [Please have a conversation with Miklos/John Graham 52 about this, either in a forum thread or in PM, but keep me in the loop!]

General questions:

Does a missing hand impede spell casting? It's not clear from the description that lacking it impedes one from gesturing boldly.

Does Cautious with Artes Liberales apply its botch reduction to Rituals?

Does Mythic Characteristic: Stamina (appropriate specialty) botch reduction apply to spell casting in this Saga?

How does Spell Mastery work in your Saga? Is an Aegis 25, for example, an entirely different spell from an Aegis 20 as far as studying from a tractatus or Summa or a Teacher?

It occurs to me that I do not remember if we have long-term rules for advancement in this Saga: is it 30 points/year max or always have to rely on the resources available in the Covenant and do it season by season?

(Space reserved for ST comments)

Ok, lets start
Please no Mythics. Those characters give me the creeps. I will consider a Legacy Magus only for Mercere Magi. So you will have to remove legacy and M.Perception, sorry :S
Missing hand impedes spellcasting, at -3 penalty
Spell mastery is per individual spell. That means in this campaign similar spells and spells with variant magnitudes are considered different spells with their own mastery scores (Though I do seem to remember a Mastery or a breakthrough somewhere that allows Mastery to be used across spells, hmm)
We are doing advancement season by season, with exposure where appropriate plus adventure xp. Companions are 15 xp per year, plus adventures (this assumes they are doing whatever to advance what they want, modified by wealthy/poor. Its broken down to 2 seasons work for exposure 2 x2, 2 seasons free for practice and vocational. However breaking it down like this poses a problem with wealthy/poor, while not breaking it down poses problems with teaching. So I use middle ground: 15 xp modified by wealthy/poor per year, plus adventure xp. IF you want to be taught/trained a specific thing, its source-6 added to the 15, once. You cant do it more than one season. Confusing?)
Cautious with Liberales and Philosophae both reduce to rituals and are cumulative with Cautious sorcerer. I know, its excessive but its PbP.

Ok! Hehe, when I first pitched the concept and I (wrongly) interpreted you were dismayed by a Pralician, I started mulling a Mercere. But ok, will do!


Yes, for General Spells there's adaptive mastery.
So there's not much of a market for Mastery tractati, I'm guessing, just for a few very common spells?

Thanks for all the answers!

Another question:

Are Mastery abilities secret? There are many that indicate you have to be part of or familiar with the Cult of Mercury/the Mercere/the Guernicus/whoever.

Adaptive mastery is one, Ceremonial Casting another, etc. :neutral_face:

(ST EDIT) Yes, those specific ones are kept secret, you have to be taught by a member of that cult, presumably after initiation (that is, you don't usually need a mystery, but they probably wont teach it without initiation)
As for there being a market, there isn't one per se. Only Flawless magic magi have the time and xp drain to make books in regular base for such spells, I presume, and how rare are those?

Scylax will use 1214 to practice, practice, practice! Even with Independent Study, it's not the most cost effective way of doing things, but that's what's available.

Spring 1214: Practice Mastery of Winter's Icy Touch 5+2=7, x2 =14, Penetration
Summer 1214: Practice Mastery of The Call to Slumber 5 5+2=7, x2 =14, Resistance
Fall 1214: Practice Parma Magica 4+2=6[strike]Area Lore of the Tymfi environs (looking for auras and interesting things, he can spont InVi 5 (Base 2, D: Mom +3 Hearing) to locate a specific aura + its strength in the vicinity. I believe he can also try this with Comprehend magic. 7+2=9 xp Area Lore-Tymfi environs (Mystic places)[/strike]
Winter 1214: Practice Parma Magica 4+2=6[strike]Practice Area Lore of the Tymfi environs, 7+2=9[/strike]
[strike]Don't know how broad the Area Lore need be, though.[/strike]

[strike]This means he will have headed near Meru Mudi before 1215, let's say with two grogs and a cart with the gifts and the Lab equipment.[/strike] 20BPs to follow.

[tab][/tab] The character looks good and I enjoyed the story. I got some observations and two big no-no's :S

-[tab][/tab] You only have Romaic Greek 6 as a language. That means when casting spells you will probably made fun of by other Theban magi (you will sound like a hick :slight_smile: ) Also, since he spent some time outside the Tribunal, maybe he learned some other language too? Though perhaps Katara had not allowed him to talk to strangers. This is just an observation.
-[tab][/tab] Slightly curious about that leadership, especially since he also humble.
-[tab][/tab] That study Requirement will cause your character trouble in the long run, especially with Perdo :smiley:
-[tab][/tab] Its Cautious with Concentration.
-[tab][/tab] Circle of Beast Warding: Whats Quick casting? Is it Quiet or Fast ? Piercing the Magic Veil: I assume its the equivalent for Magic Realm, what does your Criamon write up refer to? Facilitate the Stifled Spell : Very interesting, I see where this is going and why you need that cautious concentration.
-[tab][/tab] Unravelling the Fabric of Vim: I like the unravelling Mastery. I must warn you though, in this campaign you wont be able to bring down ritual spells for long (usually until sunset). Old rules would have you do a different spell, new rules are more flexible. Any objections?

-[tab][/tab] Suleiman's Wrath of the Oath-Forsaken Jinni: One of my pet peeves :S . As an ST I HATE Apotropaic spells. They are so unbalanced and much more powerful than other spells. You would need a healthy combat situation or a nice, fat CrIg spell to kill some basilisks only to have a small PeVi spell wreck havoc. Best Giant killer spells ever. So...... a) The spell you seek is Sap the Griffin's Strength, GotF:tRT 60, left column. Suleiman's is a Sahir spell (They are the same, different name, we do play Hermetics though). b) It affects all beings of magic might except ghosts and the undead. c) What happens when the might reaches 0 depends on the creature:
[tab][/tab]-[tab][/tab] Daimons have their Aspect destroyed
[tab][/tab]-[tab][/tab] Summon or created creatures are banished or dissolved
[tab][/tab]-[tab][/tab] Magic creatures that cannot sustain their form without might are destroyed (ie elementals)
[tab][/tab]-[tab][/tab] Magic creatures whose form is material without magic simply lose all their might. Most would probably flee. This category includes Magical Characters, Magical Animals (including familiars), Magical Humans, specific spirits that have a material form (dryads are a good example of this).

Let me restate, I really hate Apotropaic spells. I am going to allow them though with these changes (and not restrict them to mystery cults, Vanators or breakthroughs). Thoughts?

-[tab][/tab] -_- Noooooo! I do not want PC characters near Tymfi before we start the campaign. Pick something else to do instead of wandering around those mountains. Also, winter of 1214-1215 is when you start moving to the covenant and supposed to use that time to making some progress in laboratory use, as a freebie.

Change some stuff and I will be moving the character to Announcements. Good job.

This is true, but I'd point out that there really aren't that many points to go around, so spending them to speak several languages, badly, is not that appealing. One point about his parens and his childhood is that they kept moving around, not settling roots anywhere, so that the Romaic Greek might be the only constant in his life. I will give this some thought to see how I can spread points around.

Well, I don't see how Leadership, and of 1 at that, is at odds with being Humble. He is not a corrupt politician! :laughing: It just represents part of his charisma, getting people to work together, etc. One of his long-term goals is allying with hedge magicians, other Ex Misc, magical spirits and creatures, etc, and this is a necessary skill for that. Humble in his case is that he knows others might do it better, but that doesn't mean he should not try!
Even so, other Magi in the Covenant are much more charismatic (3 other Magi with 3+Pre!), so he has no choice but to stay Humble!

Well, it is a major flaw! But two things: it does not apply to adventure xp; and I really do not at all expect to raise any art to 21, where studies become ever more difficult. That would be a very long term saga, and I really try to have few expectations in PbP things.

Will fix! Serves me right for relying on memory!

¡Hola! This is from HoH: Societates, p. 34 can be taken multiple times, +1 to Initiative. One of the reasons I took the Hermetic Patron, so that he can share other Masteries with Scylax, the basic ones are not necessarily the most appropriate for each spell. The other choices were not that interesting, except for Penetration, and that one I avoided for the moment, it might send the wrong first signal to Scylax's Bjornaer sodales :slight_smile: !

It is, thing is you said no tailored spells, only published spells (which tend to be bad fits for most players), in the 4 books you allowed. There's no Piercing the Magic Veil as such written in these books, but hey, the Criamon in the sample magi at the beginning of Core has it on his spell list! So technically, in!

Yep, Mastery and more Mastery + Metamagic. I first thought of going full Muto, (also to be able to take other shapes and compensate for his poor physical attributes) but there aren't that many Muto Vim spells in those 4 books allowed, so that hampered the concept. Let me give this some more thought.

Well, I don't follow you, it certainly looks like I should object! :smiley: Are you saying Perdo does not work as advertised? I'll note that Unravelling is just a particular Mastery that merely means that lower level Perdo spells can dispel some somewhat higher than usual enchantments.
Why wouldn't Perdo spells be able to take down a particular Ritual, per the usual ? If you are afraid of my character going around dropping Aegis willy-nilly, well, I will point out that that carries its own consequences, that he would have to research such a spell, and then that would need to Penetrate, etc, and that others might object, strongly, if this capability was known. Could you specify what all your rules are on the subject, so that I might reconsider the character concept?

Well, you certainly have a stronger opinion than mine on the subject! :laughing: I am not sure that I at all agree with some of the suggested changes, let me mull them over. Sap the Griffin's Strength and other names for the same Magic-Might blasting spell were not in the books we could consider for characters, but the Suleiman's Wrath of the Oath-Forsaken Jinni was, and did not say "exclusive to", which is why I chose it in the first place. But! This, together with the other Perdo Vim house rules is a significant nerf to a Perdo Vim-based character, these are the only spells with which Scylax has decent penetration, so, give me until the weekend to meditate if I am cool with it or what? This also means Apotropaic spells are fairly useless against Giants/Dragons and such, whose physical might tends to be a great part of the threat. What about demons, only their physical shape destroyed? Uff.
This is only my second 5th Ars Magica Saga, so please bear with me, I am less than familiar with the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of certain strategies in actual game play.

Umm, ok? It just seems strange not to scout the area out.
Did not know about the lab freebie, but I don't understand what it entails. Should we waste a season or 2 setting up a Lab in a cart, to later then waste another season or 2 in setting up a semi-permanent lab at Meru Mudi (semi-permanent because of that nasty Charter and its Lab-shuffling and evicting conditions)? Please explain.

Thanks! Though I might be changing a lot of stuff, it seems! Also, what can I expect from my Hermetic Patron, do you have a particular Magus in mind or is this someone to write up? Took it really to somewhat compensate for our very Poor Spring Covenant, to have an avenue for Mystery Initiations, and for access to a bigger pool of Masteries and lab Texts. And for the missions he might wish help in! The flaw indicates he grants access to his books, can give me a home somewhere for a season or two, etc, within limits of course.

I am fine with it. Just asking no worries. Leadership is fine too. Quick, yes I found it, ok. Also ok with the Facilitate spells.

Let me be clear again: I want people to use the 4 books to make their characters. If they want something else, they are to discuss it with me. For spells, I accept any book published spell, with some reservations. As long as its in a published book and I have it, you can take it. If you want to slightly modify it, talk to me, I probably say yes. Is that better?

Here is the thing. Older versions of AM, you needed a ritual spell to affect a ritual. In this version of AM its easier for bring down spells. That makes some thing unbalanced in my opinion. I could default to ritual vs ritual spells or a breakthrough. Instead what I say is you can bring them down, sun duration. For example, removing baneful effects are spells inside the core book, almost all of them are rituals. It feels wrong to give that much power to Pe magics. (I got no beef with the Unraveling mastery).
[tab][/tab] On Apotropaic spells, there are some unofficial rules out there about Venators and mystery cults. Plus most of them are in RoP: I for demon hunters. Demon slaying is different. You don't kill the devil, you slay its form on the physical plane (unless its a very lesser devil). Same with ghosts. And yes

Thats the problem right there. People were using Apotropaic spells to kill those creature where other magics had a score of problems affecting them. That makes them to me, from an ST perspective, too powerful to leave as they are. I have no problem if you rethink things, you just stepped on one of my pet peeves :smiley:

About the labs. I am giving each incoming magus all their lab supplies packed and being brought to the covenant. They will arrive February 1215. That Winter I am giving them a freebie, they can have their labs started. That means on Spring 1215, all magi will have a lab -3. No, those will be permanent labs, not semi-permanent. I have not giving much thought to the patron. What house would you want him to be?

IonianD, I will keep the character as is, and keep to the Perdo Vim guidelines in your Saga. Muto Vim is useful, but a bit of a trap, and shape-changing spells to compensate for weak characteristics would tread on Bjornaer claws. So Scylax will make his way as is and endure what may come. Which is in his pragmatic nature!


Flambeau was what I had in the backstory, one versed in the Cult of Mercury and perhaps some Mysteries of the Daimonic sort.

Scylax will not be a lab rat, nor is he destined to be a great Mystagogue, different Masteries is where he might shine at + some appropriate Initiations. Perhaps some hedgies might initiate him into useful minor virtues? Integration of some of their their powers would be very difficult (Insight is 18 diff. :unamused: ) but might be a long term goal

Awesome! I like your character as is.
I have transcribed him in Announcements, please check him over for mistakes. I did not put Winter 1214 advancement as that winter December 1214-February 1215 is when we start.

•Let's see, "Flawless" needs its last name "Magic", "Interdependent Study" sounds complicated :smiley:
(ST EDIT) Oopsy. Fixed
•I noticed Spell concentration specialty of Concentration has a question mark, this specialty would apply whenever the character has to make Concentration rolls when casting a spell as he is holding/casting another (mainly for MuVi and some ReVi purposes)
(ST EDIT) Hmmm, no. Choose either holding or casting
•Winter's Icy Touch PeIg 10 Mastery 2(4) Multiple Casting, Penetration/+19 should now have +20 Casting score
•The Call to Slumber ReMe 10 Mastery 2(4) Multiple Casting, Resistance/+9 should now have +10 Casting score.

I choose...Casting!


Put in my fourth post some things that Scylax will attempt, as part and parcel of being a paranoid Vim magus, for your approval/supervision. He certainly has little malice in him, and he assumes the other magi are taking similar precautions.

Further question on Perdo Vim: Do creatures whose Might pool is zapped, but do not die, (per your Apotropaic spells House rules), still keep the usual pawns of vis found in their bodies? That was one of the problems with these spells, they reduced the amount of vis the creatures contained, but since your Saga rules nerf them, I was hoping that this would be the case, at least for those beings that these spells cannot kill, namely

Also, regarding

if Scylax were to design a Perdo Vim spell with higher duration (rather than Mom, > than Sun), would this keep that Ritual or spell-like ability negated for the PeVi spell's duration?

<.< (Looks at fourth post) Oh boy thats a lot of rolls...Ok lets start.

[tab][/tab] Apotropaic spells: 'killing' the entity with apotropaic usually destroys (or severely reduces) any vim in it. Since you aren't killing corporeal ones, but simply draining most of their available magic, that vis is not affected.
[tab][/tab] PeVim spells: I take it you want a spell to suppress duration spells of ritual level? Yes you can. They would need: 2xmagnitude of the spell for generic use (like Winds of Mundane Silence) or spell+10+die for single forms (as per Unraveling Fabric of), you will need more duration, you will need to make it area effect not part or individual. Note that you cannot have more than Moon for non ritual spells. Thats from the top of my head. Any thoughts?

As for the whole Invisibility thing, Arcane connections, spying ring....give me a bit of time, I'll make a separate post (I got to reread a LOT of stuff and make a lot of rolls). Why are you using comprehend magic on mundanes btw?

EDIT: Additional questions

All the covenfolk and Companions except Maia: You are looking for something specific or just generic magic information? Note any divine/infernal/fae sourced powers/magics won't be visible/detectable.
As for the arcane connections, I would assume Dimitris, the blacksmith, the carpenter, the head of the turb and maybe the head teamster are the important covenfolk. You want to take from Companions too? How about the grogs brought by the magi. like the muslim family, those slavs etc? The spont CrVi and the Invisibility on the box I'll not roll, lets say its not stressful. Collecting them can be tricky as Unseen Arm cannot just pinch a tuff of hair out of a scalp. However you can get loose hair, favorite cloth or items etc, it takes time but its ok no-one is hurrying you. Tell me if you have questions on this topic.

Cool, thanks.

Just a thought. It might be of use at some point to have such a spell in Scylax's arsenal, but many Perdo spells are most useful with Mom. duration. More a clarification for Perdo Vim guidelines in the saga.

It's no problem at all, take your time, this is a more long-term thing, I don't mind if you simply roll a "luck" die, and based on its results you rule if the endeavor to collect the connections succeeds or fails on a year by year basis, as Scylax becomes more expert and invents spells it's likely that he will not need to roll for these.

Hi! Well, Scylax doesn't know if they are all mundanes! Usually covenants attract people with ...certain talents/problems. Generic info is good for now! Also, yes, no info on Fae/Divine/Infernal, not capable of that. But Scylax is serious about cataloguing and identifying magical assets/auras/vis sources. And people with supernatural abilities aligned with the Magic realm, as well as magic spirits/beasts/humans/plants/objects are not discomforted by Scylax's Gift, that's pretty useful to know!

Scylax is patient and very careful, so if no opportunity presents itself one year, he'll wait until the next. The important coven folk, sure, eventually grogs that survive and such. Companions as well, but again, carefully and patiently, no hurry at all. Some might be extremely difficult, others less so. Scylax does not want to ruffle feathers or alert anyone, so... It's quite possible that he might have to resort to outhouse hunting (eww, heh!).

His long-term goal is being able to ascertain if grogs/companions on a mission are ok, maybe even able to aid them through Arcane Tunnels. Perhaps establish a spy network. It can go whichever way, just leaving those windows open, since establishing a Covenant is hard work (seasonal activities) and there might be less time and resources for Advancement than ideal, at least this is something that can pay off in the future.

*One of the Covenant's Boons is a Favorable aura. Trying to find this out either with Comprehend Magic, or some InVi spont base 2, if possible.

Right, I have researched stuff and extrapolated about Scylax's actions. As I do not think there will be a major impact during this year and I want to keep certain things thing for 1216, I will be incorporating results on the end of the year report. Would that be all right with you? This would probably mean that Scylax will not be using Arcane Connections this year, for continuity's sake.