Searching for a complete spell level guideline list

Back in 4th ed we had a write up of all the genral spell level guidelines, used intensively during sessions by all players trying to find improvised spells to help their actions. It was great.

Is something like that available for 5th ed? I know there are some additional guidelines in the various HoH books, but even just the short version of the guidelines from the main book would be nice.

With the new system of all guidelines starting at lowest possible R/D/T, it's especially good for quick references and discerning spells.

So if anyone knows if such a thing exists - or perhaps could be made available - I'd like to know. It's so much easier than typing up my own list from the book. There are pages and pages on end of this stuff, for crying out loud.

Send me a pm with your email addy, I have a condensed spells guidelines pdf doc but only the core guidelines.

Prompted by this thread, I've updated my own file. If anyone wants it, pm me and I'll be glad to send it over. It's 14 pages long, but the guidelines only begin on page 4 (the first three detail general rules like craft magic guidelines, the spell parameters, the limits of magic, and so on). It includes all the new guidelines (I think), but I changed a few things (principally in Imaginem). I can send you a pdf and an odt (Open Document, used by Open Office) - but not a doc file (I didn't make it in Word).

Edit: I've temporarily stopped distributing the file. Sorry. I'll edit this note if I'll resume sharing it.

oops sorry meant to send a PM... lol

Since I've been asked, a few notes.

The changes I've made to the rules include:

  • I added a (Lesser) Limit of Knowledge, implied by the discussion of memory in Societas.
  • The guidelines for Summon & Command don't detail the limitations implicit in the spells given as examples in The Mysteries (Revised).
  • Added notes to Imaginem making it subject to Magic Resistance. This is the major change.
  • In including the rules from Societas regarding Ind/Part/Group and Imaginem, I used the Societas phrasing to over-write the core's for Individual. [Not very pleased with that bit of rules.]
  • In Creo Imaginem, I added the option of targetting the head of an observer by a +1 magnitude shift, instead of the Part target used in Societas. I also used simplified rules for an anamorph and miniature.
  • In Creo Mentem, I simplified the rules regarding creating new memories from Societas. Guideline 4 was altered to reflect Societas.
  • Added some MuMe and PeMe guidelines in accordance with Societas discussion on affecting thoughts.
  • I remember erasing one guideline that I figured was totally inapprorpriate, I think in Vim. Can't remember it, though.
  • I also reworded and rearranged several texts, but that's editing, not change :slight_smile:
  • In v1.0: Changed CrAn for creating Magic Might to half spell level. Just because I can.

I may have forgotten some changes. Some of the text is copied verbatim from an older version, which I didn't make, and may include changes I didn't notice and correct.

[Edit: Now at version v1.0. If you have a prior file or with no version number - the changes are miniscule, just changed the formatting a little. If you want, I can send you the updated the files anyways.]

Regarding the format -
OpenOffice is a free-source, free to download and use office suite. Its word processor, Write, is the program I used to create the file, and it uses the format ODT. The program can be freely downloaded and used in (virtually) any operating system, from here. Its main advantage compared to Word is that it exports neatly to PDF, hence I can distribute that (and it's also free...).

I recommend to anyone to download and use the program if he wants to edit the file. It isn't unduly heavy on the hard-disk, and it will allow you to alter the file in whatever way you'd like.

If anyone has any corrections or notes, I'm all ears. :slight_smile: [I already spotted an embarassing lack of delete use in the InVi guidelines...]

Very nifty, at a cursory first glance. Kudos to your work. One thing that leaves me perplexed, it lacks the RDTs from Chthonic Magic, despite it covers RoP:I. Also it misses RDTs from HoH:MC, such as Spell Timing and Sensory Magic. Do you plan to add them later ?

The file only covers vanilla Hermetic magic, with the exception of Merinitia spell parameters since they are in core. Anything that requires inner mysteries or so on isn't going in. To the best of my knowledge I got everything out of Infernal and Mystery Cults that a vanilla magus can use, one without any virtues from there or so on - but if I missed anything, I'd be glad to add it. :slight_smile:

Well, the R/D/T parameters from Holy Magic and Chthonic Magic may be owned and used by vanilla mages that have the relevant virtues as part of the normal V/F set, or as extra Virtues by vanilla Ex Misc mages from the right tradition, so I really think, too, should go in. They are the Divine/Infernal equivalent of the Faerie R/D/T in the core.

Once you let in any magus with a V/F, that document is gonna get bloated... there are lots and lots of spell guidelines and parameters accessed through virtues. I only let in the Merinitia because, well, they're an entire House - I want it to be relevant to Merinitia magi. Any further picking up of virtues from other sources would require the player to log the book :slight_smile:

You can add them yourself, of course, to the ODT file.

Is there a good way to get that ODT file to open in something other than open office?

Sure - open it in OpenOffice and Save As it or Export it or something. I'm sure it can be done. Are you unable/willing to run OpenOffice?

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go through the rigamarole of installing it.

You could use a freeware program called "Open Office Viewer" version 0.1.10 or save it as something alse