Seasonal activities 1223

As it looks like Maximilian and Orion need to start planning their activities for the next year, let's start a thread for that...

Tentative activities for my characters. The specifics and sequence of the activities may change based on what is discussed during the initial Council meeting.

Maximilian of Verditius:

  • Spring: Study the Creo summa (15 xp in Creo)
  • Summer: Collect personal vis source (8 pawns of Herbam) and explore the Bara├»cus River Gorge for other vis sources to be claimed by the covenant (possibly Story xp, otherwise 7 xp in Area Lore: Northern Morae)
  • Fall: Assist Orion in crafting a longevity ritual for Maximilian (2 xp of exposure in Corpus, costs 10 pawns of Herbam vis)
  • Winter: Prepare a new wand for enchantment (2 xp of exposure in Craft: Woodcarving, costs 7 pawns of Vim vis)

Christophoros the Schoolmaster (abstracted seasonal activities):

  • Spring: Manage the school and teach Artes Liberales to advanced students and junior teachers (2 xp of exposure in Teaching)
  • Summer: Spend half the season promoting the school and travelling to meet other academics, spends the other half reading the Philosophiae summa Physics (6 xp in Philosophiae from the L6Q12 summa)
  • Fall: Follow the class on Theology by Dositheos (12 xp in Theology)
  • Winter: Assist Orion in creating a longevity ritual for Christophoros (2 xp of exposure in Magic Theory)

Zeno the Spear (abstracted seasonal activities):

  • Spring: Perform covenant duties (2 xp of exposure in Awareness)
  • Summer: Explore Patras (5 xp of Practice for Area Lore: Patras) -- Or perhaps a grogs-only story?
  • Fall: Perform covenant duties by training another grog (2 xp of exposure in Thrown Weapons)
  • Winter: Getting trained in Brawl with Rhode (7 xp in Brawl)

Orion of Meritrina

  • Spring: TBD
  • Summer: Open the Arts for Anastasia, LT=20[sup]1[/sup] (2 xp exposure in Magic Theory)
  • Autumn: Collect personal vis source (8 Cr); Devise LR for Maximilian, LT=70[sup]2[/sup] (2 xp exposure in Magic Theory)
  • Winter: Devise LR for Christopheros LT=56[sup]3[/sup] (2 xp exposure in Magic Theory)

Aging Roll: 1d10=5 + 6 (age) - 11 (LR) -1 (faerie blood) -3 (bronze cord) -2 (living conditions) = -6; no apparent age increase


  • Spring: Learn Animal Ken from Petre (12 xp teaching in Animal Ken - counting Apt Student)
  • Summer: Get Arts opened (Does she get 2 xp exposure in Magic Theory?)
  • Autumn: Collect personal vis source (8 He); TBD
  • Winter: TBD

Paulos the Cook

  • Spring: Perform covenant duties (2 xp exposure in Cooking)
  • Summer: TBD
  • Autumn: Perform covenant duties (2 xp exposure Cooking)
  • Winter: TBD

Aging Roll: 1d10=3 + 5 (Age) - 1 (living conditions) = 7; +1 apparent age

[sup]1[/sup] InVi LT = 6 (In) + 8 (Vi) + 3 (Int) + 8 (MT) + 5 (Aura) + 9 (Fam) = 39; divided by 2 because of In deficiency = 20

[sup]2[/sup] CrCo LT = 18 (Cr) + 13 (Co) + 3 (Int) + 8 (MT) + 5 (Aura) + 9 (Fam) + 4 (Max's Int) + 7 (Max's MT) + 3 (Max's Intuitive Genius) = 70

[sup]3[/sup] CrCo LT = 18 (Cr) + 13 (Co) + 3 (Int) + 8 (MT) + 5 (Aura) + 9 (Fam) = 56


Spring- Study Magic Theory summa L8 Q11
Summer- tba
Autumn- Study Magic Theory summa L8 Q11 (Raised to 4, 6xp left over)
Winter- tba

Aureliano will be dutiful keeping the order running with messages.
Spring: Perform Redcap Duties (2xp exposure Area Lore Greece)
Summer: Collecting from his personal vis source (8 creo per year) [Total 16 Creo]
Autumn: Perform Redcap Duties (2xp exposure Area Lore Greece)
Winter: TBA

8xp for area lore greece total

Seasonal activity plan for 1223:

Spring: Write contribution to covenant library
Summer: Study Finesse (+10+3 xp)
Fall: Study Magic Theory (+11+3 xp)
Winter: Study Vim Summa (+15+3 xp)

Spring and Summer: Trading voyages (need to look at C&C to figure out where, but at least Southern France, probably with a stop in Genoa)
Exposure as Bargain (net, +4xp)
Autumn: Practice Profession: Merchant (+4xp)
Winter: Practice Leadership (+4xp)

Spring: Teach Anastasia to talk with animals (+2xp Folk Ken)
Summer: Practice Animal Ken (+4xp) if possible, visit the Satyr / teacher
Autumn: Work for the covenant (+2 xp Animal Handling)
Winter: Try to understqnd language better (+8 xp Romaic)

Library books from Evangelo, 100 levels: (let me know if I duplicate)
Rise of the Feathery Body (Rego Corpus 10)
Repel the Wooden Shafts (Rego Herbam 10)
Throw Rock (fast) (Rego Terram 20)
The Phantom Blacksmith (ReTe 20)
Seven League Strides (ReCo 30)
Sooth the Ferocious Bear (ReAn 10)