Seasonal Activities Thread

Please list your seasonal activities below, lab work, etc.

For example Laterala has committed to Opening up her Talisman, studying the local Wonderberry plants for possible vis extraction, and teach

Spring Open Tailsman (20 vis spent)
Summer Lab - experiment with wonderberry - Season of duty
Autumn Give Violeta Cautious Sorcerer virtue and Pessimistic flaw
Winter ????

I will make a google spreadsheet for easy viewing and tracking of activities which helps with reading books.

Seasonal Activities for year 1:
Winter Season: Help explore ruins
Spring Season: Practice Concentration 5xp-concentration lapsing is pretty instant feed back
Summer: Deal with annoying Verdi
Fall: Enchant vis collecting item (+2 mt)
Correspondences: ???
Changes: +2 Magic Theory XP +adventure XP + Correspondences+5xp concentration


Abstract Season 1: Craftwork 39 labour points acquired (10 craft+3 dx)
Abstract Season 2: Screwed up due to travel
Winter: Unpack Eve's Lab.
Spring: Add Virtue: Lesser Feature: Summoning Circle (Spells+1) to Eve's Lab
Summer: Adventure with Eve
Fall: Assist Eve in Lab
Changes: Gain 3 labour points, Eve's lab is unpacked. Submersible lab is at full quality.

Season 1: Apothecary Work 21 labour points
Season 2: Apothecary Work 21 labour points
Season 3: Practice Area Lore (hungary)
Season 4: Practice Area Lore (hungary)
Free: Maintain a Regimen for 5 magi
Changes: Gain 3 labour points, gain 15 xp in teaching (level 2), gain 10xp in area lore: hungary, now level 1, gain 4 xp in profession Apocothery

I'm not sure if we are bothering with labour points, but if we are have collected them. Jane is obviously charging a reasonable rate for her craft work. Presumably what we would pay a normal craftsperson. Still a net gain for the covenant, and a free superior tools bonus. Also Jane can make superior quality metal work!

I assume we want to pay for the regimens, to improve the health of our magi.

Diotima's seasonal activities

[tableborder][tr][td]Spring[/td] [td]Dig up / explore the ruins of the Roman fort[/td][td]Exposure xp ?[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Summer[/td] [td]Learn spell: Ritual's Communion, MuVi 30, from lab text (with help from Peripha)[/td][td]Exposure 2 xp on Muto[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Autum[/td] [td]Study Moderatrix (Rego Summa L14Q11)[/td][td]11 xp on Rego[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Winter[/td] [td]Study Moderatrix (Rego Summa L14Q11)[/td][td]11 xp on Rego[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Season 1: Create Spell Ward Against Faeries of the Air ReAu 20 (pg 128) +2 XP for Magic Theory
Lab Total: 41 Casting Total: +33

Season 2: Create Spell Ward Against Faeries of the Wood 20 ReHe (pg 138) +2 XP for Magic Theory
Lab Total: 33 (includes Similar Spell bonus) Casting Total: +20

Season 3: Create Spell Ward Against Faeries of the Wood 20 ReHe (pg 138) +2 XP for Magic Theory
Lab Total: 33 (includes Similar Spell bonus) Casting Total: +20

Season 4*: Explore surroundings, looking for Faerie Regios (Exposure XP: Second Sight?)

*This can be a concentrated searches in the Roman ruins or the lake if that is requested.


I changed my mind and went with a 20th level spell against the wood faeries, I figure I'll make all of them level 20, it will take a little longer, but might be more appreciated in the end. I'll likely make one for each of the 'elements' type fae and then a Vim one, that way Zoltan can hand in a more or less complete set of Warding faerie spells, even if casting some of them won't be his strong point.

And with all of the specialists in writing that Eve brought, would one of them be able to translate Zoltan's notes into a common lab text and save him some time?

Updated my first post with plans for Jane, and Juno. This was done under the assumption that we won't have collected the extra vis for even a small boat. We need 20 pawns!

On Eve's specialists: They aren't familiar with the code, and since they aren't magi they can't figure it out on their own. If Jebrick rules it okay arguably one of them could learn somehow. Perhaps while watching Zoltan work or with a season of being taught by Zoltan. (If this can be done it would be immensely helpful.)

Eve will have a normal lab of +1 size and the Tribunal will build another lab near the hot spring large enough to construct the submersible. I'm guessing +2 size. That will be a basic lab that will start at the normal -3.

It will take 1 season to construct the new lab for the submersible. I would say it is ready at the end of 1260.2.

Okay, Eve would still want to set up her old lab for personal use. Okay, adjusted for that. This is a basic elementary lab right? I had Jane add a feature to off-set the general quality penalty. And its size+2? In that case I assume it starts with the spacious feature? (Otherwise the lab it pointlessly unsafe.) Also I'm not sure where we are getting the vis from, but I assume it can be resolved somehow.

Ophelia's 1260 activities

[tableborder][tr][td]Winter[/td] [td]Study Omniferum[/td][td]9 xp Vim[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Spring[/td] [td]Direct 1 lab assistant (from the covenant) to do basic setup on lab, integrating spacious virtue; explore the area around the oppida with the Immortals[/td][td]7 xp "practice" Area Lore[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Summer[/td] [td]Direct 1 lab assistant (from the covenant) to do 2nd season setup on lab; Study Earth Come Asunder[/td][td]8xp for Unraveling the Fabric of Terram doubles to 16 xp w/ Flawless Magic[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Autum[/td] [td]Learn 30th level Ritual Communion spell from lab text[/td][td]2 xp Vim[/td][/tr][/tableborder]

Edit: reordered the structure to match Winter being the first season.

Ah, I see. Let me make a few more changes. ... sp=sharing

The mage planner on goggle docs

I want to add that Zoltan had 2 seasons of designing the same spell so I left it blank. I'm assuming he wants to make it earth or Water fairies.

Changes Eve and Jane's schedules to reflect IC events. I have made the assumption we will be able to scrap together the needed vis. If not it Eve will simply study instead.

We shall see how Ophelia does on that front. Either way, it would only be delayed a season or so.