Seasonal Activity Tracker

I keep forgetting to keep track of my seasonal activities very well. So I slapped this together for myself. I figure I'd stick it behind the last page of my character sheet. This way I can find gaps. I guessed thet a I am not the only one.
It is in Excel format. Feel free to download and use. I didn't find another one here.


No problem. I would have thought that degamer would have had one because of his excellent GM screens but he did not. I will slap him silly next time I see him. :smiling_imp:

I got sidetracked from working on the spell creation project. Perhaps I'll get back to it after I finish my open call entry.

Yeah, yeah, yeah....LOL
I figure a version that you made would look better than mine. Feel free to focus on the open call though.

Our group uses a website to track what we do each season:

This way everyone can see, track and even plan ahead (to claim books etc.).

The site also has our books, Vis, stories and all those other nifty things. :smiley:
(and I must say, makes very easy-to-handle sites!)