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So I was wondering how you all treat second sight when it comes to regios. The rules state that the individual can see the gateways into the regios... but can they see the entire regio itself? What I mean is, do they see the mundane realm, superimposed with the various levels of regios? Personally, for story purposes, I think I want BellaDonna and crew to stumble on the gateway, without knowing what lay beyond. I just wondered how you handle it. Also, inside the regio, there will be a few ghosts, and I don't necessarilly want them to know there are ghosts there until they encounter them on the regio level.


Read the rule again, this time carefully (page 67) - you see the boundaries between regios, not into them.

It's like any wall- you can see the wall, you might be able to see the gateway hidden in the wall, but you can't see what's inside until you enter- and by then...

Of course, magic being what it is, sometimes the contents of a regio might be glimpsed, if it serves a purpose in the plot.

thanks, cooch.

Yeah, I'm definately going to play it for story, but as always don't want the rules thrown at me in the middle of a scene.

Largely, I agree with CH's interpretation of that rule. And boundary-as-wall can make a lot of sense, but so can boundary-as-line as well -- particularly when the topography inside the regio matches the outside. A good example of where they don't is found in Semita Eribunda (spelling has been butchered).

Personally, I think things are a bit squishier. If this is a native-invite-only, then I would tend to rule that the boundary is "opaque." If a person can work thier way in on their own, then I would say it is a lot like looking through a fog in that you only get the nearer details (the higher the PER+Second Sight roll, the deeper into the fog a person can see).

The hard-case interpretation of the rule is boundary-as-opaque-wall and will let you do what you want.

Have fun.